Sunday, November 29, 2009

not-a-thing to do

there's not much to do at home. i just sit and downloading desperate housewives along with bleach and 11eyes. watch them when bored. things that i do besides downloading:

1. layan mukabuku.

2. listening to songs.

3. get ready for pra klinikal, starting next tuesday.

4. checking my e-mails, waiting for something interesting to pop up!

i think that's all


ps; daddy ajak keluar nak shopping for something. need to stop at this point!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

finally home!

i'm home! again till this january. this semester results are ok.. nothing much to talk about it. will be back to kampung at beruas tomorrow for eid.

these are the memories throughout this second part..

1. genting trip with college friends. ky, nasrul, li and others.

2. sambutan hari raya. this one full of 'dramatic' events!

3. repeating parasite paper with others. creating a history for the college.

4. kak alia's birthday bash! althought it's just the four of us.. tetap havoc!

5. outing with tya, and liyana around times square, pavilion and accidentally met azuan with iz. what a small reunion..

6. lepak-ing with tarian group.. menyihatkan badan.. thanks to romdhan, faizah, izzati, nasrul, yati, daus, kak ira and li for letting me join the small group.

7. attending opah's tahlil at mak nyah house at damansara.. miss opah

can't wait to go out with g.K.p after this! hope next part will be more memories!

ps; listening to kris allen, leona lewis, carrie underwood's new album and danny gokey's it's only..