Sunday, June 30, 2013

Venus Spotted!

The Venus is so bright tonight. So I captured it (not literally)

I shall catch you one day. Where's my Venus?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lumia 520

As I was looking for a phone for my mom, I saw this yellow Lumia from Nokia and fell for it. A Windows 8 phone. I'm an Android user, so this is my first time trying a Windows phone.

The design was good. I fell for it for the design and this particular vibrant yellow color.

4" display with WVGA (800x480)

Side profile; camera key, power/lock key, volume key 

5 MP camera, sadly no front facing camera

Comparison with my Galaxy Note


I just review the battery here as battery is the main issue with current smartphone in ther market. The battery was fairly good. I was on Wi-Fi when testing this battery. Not sure if it is as good when you're turn on your data for the whole day but this can give you a hint on what you can get. A removable battery with 1430 mAh capacity.

Lumia 520 is a good, affordable phone but you have less applications compared to Android and iOS. Maybe windows can do better with the apps market.

Current official Malaysia price: RM 599

For more information, click [here]