Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wish List #1

Assalamualaikum and hye all! It's been a while since I blog. Working life sure got me over. But hey, I need my time to sit back and enjoy too. Last Monday was my outing with friends. Tak plan pun, but since I am free and wanna loosen things up a little bit, so I joined them. Planning of watching midnight movie, The Avengers and yes, we did! And not to forget, meeting with new friends!

Enough mumbling, let's move on.. I've been eyeing for a pair of combat boot which I dunno why I am so in love with it. I think it started when I was in New Zealand, that everyone there are so cool with their boots. It was autumn then, so no wonder boots are their best option. But here in Malaysia, I think it is not very appropriate for us to wear them. Like I care! So I search around the web and found this particular one..

ZARA Combat Boot 499.00 MYR

Oh I just love it! I can wear it to work! Lantak apa orang nak kata! And I want this too..

ZARA Fabric Sneaker 179.90 MYR

Yang ini pulak untuk ganti my old sneaker (yang masih boleh guna lagi pun) Oh how I wish!

*Boleh amik receipt claim kasut nanti!