Saturday, February 19, 2011

halfway, stressed to end

jom layan lagu! music made my day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dua hari macam sebulan..

it is just two days and i felt like one month already. and i am so not into the practical as i am so confused and so not into doing the social talk. hope that i will overcome my fear, talk as loud, and stand as tall as others. drama are just about to start. hope it will end soon. oh february, please end fast..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

stuck again / confession of a drama queen

it's been a week, and i'm stuck with this song in my head! omg

ni pon best jugak.. it's my week of holiday, stuck in cover songs.

anyway, last week, sempat jugak jumpa azim and musa. it's been so long (i think last time was with suman, im, and we ate at kenny's. story are told, life are shared, and i'm eager for more. all of us just talk while eating at jj's food court. we ended up wathing khurafat, instead of green hornet, which the ticket are very expensive like hell.. (fyi, this is the third malay picture i watched in cinema)

overall, the movie was ok. finally a malaysian's supernatural movie without the 'lawak-ness' in. a good start.

after the movie, we go touring around jj. then musa said his farewell, and i'm stuck with azim in jj. the two of us. so, i drag azim around jj looking for everything that i want before phaty's arrival.. bookstore (mph, popular), watson, guardian, jj men's wear department.. and finally mcd for ice cream, then fries and azim's bekalan for dinner. we ended up in mcd, searching for dory p. which a lady that appeared in my foursquare. talk, talk, talk, and he went home. leaving me, waiting for the divas (phaty, lyana, aie) to come!

wait punya waiting, they arrived with lyana's friend, shahirah. (the girl yang azim cakap unkown terserempak with lyana tu..) we decided to go some place for eating, ended up kat nasmir tepi sungai. makan, sembang, tet tet tet.. off to polo ground! whoa, what a journey..

at polo's, macam biasa, ambil angin je. photoshooting and all.. before that, in the car on our way to polo, finally, tya said that she going to step down as our g.K.p ketua kelas.. omg, really a sad story for me.. whatsoever, pilihan raya for our next ketua will be on! wohoo! polo's activity: looking for lelempuan, tapi tak jumpa. instead, terkantoi with a friend of mine.. haha. sah-sah bukak hospital nanti kene bahan dengan dia.. after the event, lyana send me home.. end of story!

*memories of places:
1. nasmir tepi sungai: tya's birthday
2. polo ground: zuan and zam's birthday

*to avoid speculation, i've been thinking a lot lately about everything around me. and i'm on my way of making a changes in my life. just need everyone support! hope 2011 will be good for me. jangan fikir bukan-bukan pulak! haha