Thursday, December 31, 2009

the last day of 2009

omg! finally 2009 come to an end. so much happened this year around. hatred, sorrow, glory.. semua ada. but what most important is we learn something throughout this whole drama. i'm looking forward to 2010. hope that everything is full of smile and laughter through the year and not to forget the one and only god.

may 2010 is the best year ever!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

love it

this is my new camera, meet canon oh-so-sexy!


tangan saya berbau dettol!

today it has been such long day for me.
1. pagi go jalan-jalan at kinta city.
2. meet up aie, camie, imtiaaz. lepak for a while.
3. while dad, bro, sis and uncle r are at second floor, negotiating the price for the new camera.
4. got to meet adzam after such long time before going back!

will post bout the new camera soon!


ps; tangan saya berbau dettol kerana saya merendamkan kasut saya dalam larutan dettol kerana kasut itu berbau sangat busuk sehinggakan satu rumah dapat membau harumannya. sekian terima kasih.

Monday, December 28, 2009


today i jalan-jalan around jusco, cuci mata. today i dapat my driving license. today i ternampak satu camera yang cantik, which i nak. today i cari bag, tapi dah habis. today i settled one of my problem. itu je yang terjadi today.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

before college

before back to college, i must do all of these things;

1. buy new bag.
2. watch avatar and muallaf. (suman jangan tengok dulu! wait for me!)
3. basuh all my baju/s.
4. download all anime and movies that i want.
5. packing things. (malasnya..)

itu aje kot!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

11eyes is over

the anime, 11eyes coming to an end. with only 12 episodes on air, finally it end. oh, so short and i just wanting for more.. the story are quite interesting. it is about a boy, Satsuki Kakeru and his friend, Yuka Minase. with enormous power and such in order to fighting evil. (it's like typical anime, kan?) haha you have to try watch it, cause its like 'owh, so nice and weird..' apa-apa pon, i.m.o, cerita ni memang pelik dan sangat menarik. tapi ada unsur-unsur porn lah sikit-sikit.. i give it 4/5 stars!


here's are the synopsis from wikipedia;

After losing his sister seven years ago, Satsuki Kakeru led a vacant life, only able to return to his normal days with help from his childhood friend Minase Yuka and other friends at school.

Suddenly one day the sky turns red and the moon turns black. Everyone around Kakeru and Yuka disappear and monsters start roaming the streets. They are only able to run away and hide and after a while, the world returns to normal. But just when they thought this world was a dream, the Red Night occurs again.

Kakeru and Yuka manage to find four other humans involved in this mysterious phenomenon: Kusakabe Misuzu, a red-haired onmyouji swordswoman, Tachibana Kukuri, a strange mute girl who looks like Kakeru's deceased sister, Hirohara Yukiko, a lively young girl who reverts to the personality of a cold killer when her glasses are removed, and Tajima Takahisa, a young pyrokinetictist with a heated attitude to boot.

They get together and try to survive, but six shadows suddenly appear in front of them....

These six shadows call themselves the "Black Knights," and for an unknown reason wish to kill Kakeru and friends. The teenagers wind up coming across a girl with flowing silver hair wearing a white dress, trapped in a red crystal. Her name is Lisette. She claims that she is being held captive and asks for their help. The Black Knights prevent them from doing anything and begin referring to Kakeru's friends as "fragments" and to Kakeru as "the bearer of the 'eye of Aeon'." As they go on trying to survive, the six teenagers gradually form bonds and begin to work together in order to defeat the Black Knights, in the hopes that this will end the Red Night once and for all.

Along the way, Kakeru receives a strange note saying "You are the reason the demon has awakened." This note and "the demon" does not come up again until much later in the series.

They manage to defeat four of the six Black Knights, while revealing their pasts.

Takahisa was abandoned by his parents because of his abilities as a pyrokineticist, and the school nurse (Saiko) took him in. the Kusakabe are a clan of magic users and sword fighters; Misuzu is both of which. Yukiko was raised to be a human weapon from her earliest years so that she could fight in a war in a far off country until her grandfather in Japan took her in, and she falls in love with Takahisa. Its revealed that Kukuri has no memories of her past. Kakeru's other eye is revealed to be the fabled Eye of Aeon, able to see into the future for instants.

A history of the Eye of Aeon is also revealed. It once belonged to an ancient Drasuvanian king, Velad. According to legend, Velad was tricked by a witch; at this statement the girl in the crystal is instantly mentioned by one of the characters.

A black knight known as Superbia is later revealed to have once been a woman named Misao; an exiled member of the Kusakabe clan, and a transfer student turns out to be a member of a society of mages, and a fragment as well.

After Takahisa is tragically killed (this happening after he nearly destroys the city in a mad rage, caused by Saiko's being killed by Superbia the black knight) by Yukiko because he lost control of his powers, the reason for everyone's being referred to as "fragments" and the reason for the girl in the white dress's imprisonment is revealed. Their powers come from fragments located inside them. These are the fragments of the Voidstone; the lost source of power for the captured witch. The captured witch is also the witch said to have tricked Velad; Liselotte. But in truth, she was in love with Velad, and their kingdom was at war. Seeing the carnage, Velad (whom is also the original owner of the Eye of Aeon) felt that the world was a pointless void of chaos, and said that it should just be destroyed. Liselotte responded by saying that the entire world could come to an end, so long as she had Velad.

Later on, Velad was assassinated, and the blame was pinned on Liselotte. In rage and anguish, she dedicated her life to causing the "Hellfall" and ending the world. She is also the source of all of the major eras of turmoil in history. The society of mages fought her time and again, until six mages used forbidden magic to strip her of her magic and memories while sealing away what was left (Lisette) in another world. The reason the magic was forbidden in the first place was the terrible cost: the spell casters would be forced to take on hideous forms. The six spell casters then became the Black Knights.

Unaware of her past and in a world where she wouldn't age, Lisette bided her time until the fragments were gathered in one place, and she could bring them into the parallel world that was created in the spell: the Red Night. The Black Knights quickly came to the conclusion that killing the fragments would stop any chances of Lisette escaping forever, and took on the initiative to kill them.

Now Kakeru and his few remaining friends must find a way to stop Liselotte's resurrection that doesn't involve them getting killed.

i decided/s!

i decided to change the title of this blog, from "let's talk about" to "three tee's". just changing it to give it new vibe and let it be more 'question marks' hehe. i've also had opened new blog at after lots if thinking, i've decided to make it like an art-about-uploading-show blog. dunno whether it will turn out well or not.

about three tee's
1. new name for my blog.
2. coming from the T itself; think, thought, talk.
3. the title had nothing to do with yang hidup atau yang telah meninggal dunia.
4. just cheers~

just 'dada' not 'gaga'
1. will be signing off with 'dada' instead of 'xoxo' for now.
2. saje je nak make it nice and sweet, just like my kucing, dada.
3. it was introduce by my collegue, nasrul, which is a bit gila-gila.
4. we used it as 'good bye' in college.
5. think it was unique and extravagant.
6. that's about it.

the paparazzi is back! new semester, new people and basically, new picture! i will be the paparazzi again! why?
1. i love photography.
2. it's been two semester now. will make it three.
3. just for fun, not for humiliating.
4. i've taken a lot of people pictures. they really shock of when it was taken.
5. how mean of me! :p

1. will make-up a new persona.
2. be as sexy as ever!
3. thinking of being the best!
4. will never let anyone beat me down
5. akan menjadi pengedar mp3 yang hangat di pasaran gelap di hostel dan kolej.
6. will kill it soft, slowly, yet painful.
7. update our gossip group. kak alia, fizul, riezza.
8. plan of opening g.k.p official blog and ktmp's batch jan09-dis11 official blog, but dunno when to start it.

that's all about three tee's!


what can i say..

it's been one week left before back to college.. it's been such a long hols (for me) cause basically i didn't do much at home. just sit back and relaxing my soul, without any of college work in mind. christmas had passed, license will get soon, report is sent, so now just waiting for new year to come! new resolution for new year, i have mine and will keep it shhh! :) and for g.k.p, we will hit the beach this tuesday. hopes that everything went smoothly. f.y.i, finally my dad let me go! after all those pujuk and hoping thing-ing.. get ready and bring your camera! and please! i hate water!

there's so many thought in me right now, about my future, friends, family and money. and i will highlight friends for now, cause friends are the hardest of all. all those dengki-ing thing-ing.. haih, will it be end soon? i don't know.

and lastly, 2010, i hope this coming year was the best year ever! we hope so..


ps; the title, 'what can i say', was one of the title of carrie underwood's song in her new album 'play on'. keep on playing!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


yesterday outing with azim, suman and suman's friend, farid had been so bising and unpredictable. we watch new moon (a boring movie full of half naked guy and desperate girl). starting with meeting suman, then farid came. then we go lepak at kinta city mcd's and meet with jelly, arief and koyok (dunno his real name). after listening to their stories, we decided to watch the 4 o'clock movie. before that suman, azim and i were chit chatting at the coffee bean to kill some time. after the movie, we're eating at kfc before going back. overall, it's such a nice outing, meeting new friends and now i realize that there's more gila-gila group besides ours!


ps; next time we go outing lagi. this time please! no lame movie again! haha