Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"memandangkan hari esok (minggu depan sebenarnya) pengajar akan datang memantau, diri ini menjadi semakin bersemangat, menyiapkan segala sisa-sisa kerja yang tertinggal. menghitung hari, menghitung detik, jam yang berlalu. mengharapkan dapat menyiapkan tugasan dengan sebaik mungkin."

this is so sick! felt like this post is so not me. ew! chill! and finish everything slowly.. that's what i do best!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

supermoon 2011

tonight we will see the supermoon phenomenon. it is the biggest moon in years. here in malaysia, specifically in ipoh, i captured the moon. although it is rainy and cloudy here, i manage to get a few shot of the moon. behold..

next supermoon: november 14, 2016


q. why do they called supermoon?
a. sebab dekat dengan bumi.

q. siapa yang memulakan panggilan supermoon?
a. ada mamat (astrologer) yang bernama richard nolle, pada 1979. tapi orang lain (scientist and astrologer) tak pakai terma ini, mereka gunakan term perigee-syzygy. bukan perigi-sesegi!

ada juga manusia cakap fenomena ini ada kaitan dengan gempa bumi atau tsunami. saya tak buat kajian lagi. apa yang saya tahu, fenomena bulan ada kene-mengena dengan air pasang surut. tu je..

music/s around me

neon trees - animal
heard this songs throughout the radio here in malaysia and it keeps rotating around my head! great song!

glee - get it right
it's been weeks, and i'm still listening to this song. love the lyric. makan dalam

glee - loser like me
song that give me inspiration and semangat! haha

hey monday - candles
touching, meaningful and extravagant!

more music to come!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

another bad news

al-fatihah to dear senior whom had a crash this evening. may Allah bless.

it is another sad story. many things happened this whole week. most of them are the bad news. and it makes me think that all those things happened had their own reason. all we can do are pray for our safety and keep us away from disaster cause Allah the all-mighty. amin

Friday, March 11, 2011

tsunami hits japan

it is most shocking news i heard all this while. started with one earthquake to another. from new zealand, to japan, china, and japan again. it is time for people to stop and think for a while. all those money, power, fighting for them, isn't worth any. for a muslim like me, this catastrophe really an eye opener. since tsunami hits banda aceh few years back, this is the biggest yet since then. all i can do is pray.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

it is march and i'm like crunched

this is my first post since my last in feb. i've been through such a stressful time in my lab rotation. and now it is my time to sit back and relax (for a while). although i had lots of thing that need to be settle by april, i think i can do it slow and not to rush like before.