Saturday, September 18, 2010

bowling and pizza

its been months since g.K.p was together. (which is since chepor's outing) and now we had a small gathering again. with azim yang a bit tak betul.. (we go try to pick her. opps him.) beginilah ceritanya:
1. masuk tol to go to simpang pulai then he messaged that he was not at home. (katanya)
2. then we go pass simpang pulai tol and head back to jusco ipoh.
3. when we nearly enter jusco's parking lot. which is tempat really dekat-dekat nak amik tiket parking tu, azim messaged kata he is at gm. waiting unfabulously. (haha, tak bleh blah ayat dia)
4. we headed to gm. on the way, azim said that he is not reaching gm yet. (haha, macam-macam la budak ni..)
5. we stopped at 7/11 fairpark nak buang masa. till tya called him and asked to stay at gm entrance.
6. we reached gm and saw azim alone at the bus stop infront gm's entrance. we pick him up.
7. head back to jusco.

at jusco, we had fun playing bowling. although it is not the actual plan.(original was tengok sunset at bukit kledang) its team boys vs girls.
boys: squidward, diva, nyah
girls: amidala, angie, fathiah
memang bising giler bowling place tu. kecoh. after playing, we head to domino's, tapau pizza. then headed to padang ipoh for dinner. before that, we sent aie to the restaurant around that place for her family gathering. we ate, cam-whoring till nite.

attendance sheet:
present: me, phaty, azim, camie, aie, adzam
absent: bead (in pahang), im (in kl), suman (fly tonight), shiva (in kl)

overall, is nice to get berkumpul together again. macam zaman muda-muda. till we meet again in december.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i saw

few days since the first day of raya. raya was so extremely different without opah. the urge, the feel, the spirit of raya was like fade away. ramadhan had passed, and i will wait for it again. so much happened in this few days, i can see more of family bonding, laughter, sadness, love that fade, love that sparks, tears of joy, colors of life and time will wait for no one. life is short. this raya was an eye opener..

i will miss my raya with opah. with cousins and their family coming over at opah's.

i will miss the feels of raya eve with fireworks and takbir.

i will miss the kekecohan over the preparation for raya.

i will miss the feels of not going to other people houses when raya..

but the most important of all, the new life had just begin. we adik-beradik had grown up. things changes. and i hope that it will get better and our life will diberkati Allah. amin~

ps; i embeded chris brown's without you in this post.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

malam raya

skodeng-skodeng rumah orang, dapatlah melihat bunga api yang bermacam-macam bentuk ni. raya-raya jugak, tapi janganlah sampai terlalu gembira..(semua pasal gara-gara berita yang pasal budak main mercun sampai terbakar rumah tu.. fobia aku) juga, berhati-hati di jalan raya!(sempat jugak orang berlumba tengah malam tak pasal-pasal eksiden, mati tengah jalan..) bagi saya, raya ini bukanlah sekadar bergembira semata-mata, berjumpa sanak saudara ataupun makan sakan serta duit raya, tapi lebih kepada kesyukuran pada yang esa.

kepada umat islam sedunia, selamat menyambut hari raya. maaf zahir batin. marilah kita bermaaf-maafan antara satu sama lain. bagi yang mengenali diriku, ampun maaf dipinta. halalkan segala makan minum, perbuatan yang tidak disengajakan. salam aidilfitri.

happy birthday, ayah

happy birthday, ayah! this is for you!

rendang tok for raya

raya was just around the corner. everyone was preparing for it. since kl will be so lengang with no cars and kampung will be packed like hell. so everyone who gonna be back to kampung, drive safely!

yesterday, mak cooked rendang tok for us. we're starting cooking was like 4 pm and the rendang still not fully cook till midnight. the rendang was like 'oh-yeah'! sedap giler when eating with lemang(dibeli ayah). so to any anak dara out there, belajarlah masak rendang yang sedap untuk anak-anak dan suami tercinta korang. hihi

this was the look of the rendang yang hampir nak masak. lagi nak masak, lagi hitam.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

boyce avenue

let's listen to boyce avenue new song! hope you like it!

*i've been listening to boyce avenue since before they own their own album. before, they used to make cover of popular songs. so, if you interested, just browse their youtube page, here!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

blast berbuka

today was the berbuka day out with members from hospital (seven of us). such a blast! basically we just waste our time there by sitting, eating, talking and laughing. the food was okay.. nothing much to talk. privacy is important!