Sunday, December 4, 2011

a small reunion | a note to you

yesterday i had a small reunion.. assalamualaikum and hye reader! it's been a while since my last meeting with my school teacher. my last school day was in 2007. you can count how many years had passes since then. but after all this years, again i met with them again, yesterday!

just a candid picture i took far away from the stage! you look stunning teacher!

us yang hadir, batch 2007

antara cikgu yang hadir, pn. afaf and ustazah with her family

barisan cecikgu dengan pengantin!

kami pun nak bergambar jugak dengan raja sehari! semoga berbahagia selamanya~

after the wedding, we plan our outing at jusco kinta city, ipoh! dah lama tak lepak sini together.

tempat lepak biasa since zaman sekolah

it's pool time! aku tengok je!

after the pool!

just to say this; we play, we laugh and we cry together. miss nurhayati was with us since form 1 as our english teacher. since then, every year we still chat with each other, had our drama time together till the very end of schooling year. it's like she saw us growing from a boy to a man. i don't know is she gonna read this post, but anyway, thank you very much for everything! to miss nurhayati and other teachers! once andersonian, always an andersonian!

thank you, and till we meet again


  1. nie yang nak cepat2 kawen nie.. nak reunion gak lar..hehehehe.. Tahniah kepada guru kamu..

  2. @Joe_hans: kan! hehe. harap dia bangga dengan anak2 murid dia

  3. Umar...Gie Majlis Kawin Jugak....Wahhhh...Baru sampai many thing happen today...will update in my blog soon..hehehe

  4. cantek pengantin dgn tema grey.. hehe

  5. wahhh...mmg cntik..terliuar la..hahahaa...

  6. ucapkan tahniah pada pengantin ya.. hehehe

  7. @hafrawiey ozakawa: aik? sampai macam tu skali kah?! haha

  8. Ahmad Fauzi Aryaan (A.F.A): rindu zaman muda2~