Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010, nearly end

finally, 2010 will come to end. come and help me list what had happened!

it's a lot, and i'm quite lost and confused. anyway, i had a great time outing with bffs! the pangkor trip and gunung lang (the latest) and not to forget my new friends, the trainee of raja permaisuri bainun hospital! surprisingly, this year's "drama" agak kurang. apa-apa pon, not to forget, the end of 3rd sem incident, which is sungguh memalukan the whole batch. that is so.. wrong. yang lain, i will list out! (memandangkan dah ter-started to flashback memories..)

1. dear uncle cliff had passed away. link
2. outing with titi, qinqin, kiem, lee are one of my favourite! the kl outing gang!
3. team up with khid, pali, and asri in hrpb, ipoh.
4. meet up with seniors, and other trainees! :) link
5. bowling and pizza night! love the kegilaan. link
6. suman's going to uk! wish u all the best!
7. i buy desire! i'm using android, people! link
8. pangkor and gunung lang, both naik boat! and i hate water..
9. switch place with my bro! me: kl-ipoh, him: ipoh-kl
10. semalam, bola menang! congrats to the malaysian team! (nak jugak masukkan!)
11. the cameron's crash. link
12. berbuka night out. link
13. chepor bbq's. link

so.. welcome 2011! my final year in college!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a tron legacy

lets talk about tron legacy, the next tron film. cerita dia agak menarik, and the soundtrack are like 'boleh-layan' la. but the story line agak banyak dialog and slow, but yet it's interesting! the best part, graphics memang mantap! i suggest u guys should watch in 3d. overall, it is worth it! happy watching

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a cameron's story

as stated, it is really a major accident for malaysia, and the worst in history, but what makes an impact to me are:

1. my brothers are on their way to cameron, which is the exact time, where the accident happened! and it a shock when we (my family) heard about the bus crash in the noon news. worrying about things happened. but alhamdulillah, everything was fine. we called our brothers many time and finally they sent a message at 3.00 pm, saying they were ok! and they where at the incident place since few minutes it occur.

2. a trip to cameron, which was decided the day before is cancelled. we going to pangkor instead.

3. hospital raja permaisuri bainun, ipoh are in emergency need of blood type B and O. kindly donate to the blood bank. spread the news.

*there are pictures where my brothers (the twins) and his two friends took. but i am not showing it here cause it is very so-not-appropriate for tontonan umum. so, the picture has been deleted for good.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

htc desire new update!

so now htc had releases new update for htc desire, version 2.13.707.2 fota update. i've been goggled for the change log and had found none. it is better for me to see the change log first before i do my update cause i don't want any corruption to the settings. so, lets hope for best!

update 1:39 pm, 8/12/2010, ms:
i finally updated my phone from version 2.13.707.1 to .2 a couple of hours ago. there are no major change. i found out that the update are for the market, (from the official htc web). so far, there is no file corruption to the phone. i will update if there's any.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

like 'wow!'

surprisingly, lee dewyze live it up album was good! didn't imagine that i would listen to his songs! wow.. haha i think you should listen to the preview of songs in this album on youtube! happy listening!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

one to another

from deepavali celebration at the workplace, to a movie in kinta city! it's been such a long time since i watched a movie. so, this time, we (me, and two of my BFF's - nama dirahsiakan) pick tangled as a movie to watch. it is a fun movie! with cute characters too. (i love the drawings and graphics!) basically, i enjoyed! so mates, till next time! (it is so much fun to see you guys after quite a long time!)

*meals after the movie

Monday, November 22, 2010

short time left

it's about two weeks time till i'll end my fourth part. it is time to spend my time with them; the students from ptpl and my seniors. meeting them are just full of fun. although not all are 'satu kepala', but we manage to get along well enough. i am so not sure what will happened on the next semester, but i really hope that it will be much nicer, happier and good than ever. to tell you the truth, this semester were not bad at all. i enjoyed it. hope to see you guys soon!

from left: ayu, ika, soo shi, opie, ida, pa'an, asma, khid, me, pali, asri, sya'a
*taken on the day of jamuan raya of pathology department.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


recommendation for new songs this november! come on and listen to these music!

1. forget you, sung by gwyneth paltrow

2. lee dewyze new album, live it up

3. taylor swift, sparks fly, from speak now album

4. katy perry's fireworks

5. rihanna's love the way you lie (part II)

6. rascal flatts new album, nothing like this

7. who i am, by david archuleta

8. nelly's just a dream

happy listen to them!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

salam aidiladha

salam aidiladha to my family, relatives, friends, to those who know me, and to all muslim in the world. it is a meaningful day for us muslim to celebrate this raya. and i pray that every sacrifices that we made throughout the journey of our life will be blessed, accepted. selamat hari raya.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010


let's hear katy perry's firework.. lirik dia bagi semangat! haha

Friday, November 12, 2010

speak now

taylor swift new album, speak now. after listening to it for some time, it's like a typical taylor swift music, but most of the songs are quite interesting and an 'ear catcher'. my favorites:
1. sparks fly
2. if this was a movie
3. back to december

overall, nice music, soothing as ever, and it is taylor's!

nearly to end

it is nearly an end to 2010. part 4 was like a bit of hard time, and little interesting. although practicum was not that fun like i hoped it would be, but i manage to get new friends and extraordinary experience. knowing those trainees and staffs at the hospital was a blast! most of them are friendly, yet some are like so freaking serial-killer look-alike. but everything went okay and i am enjoying it. hope that next part will be more like the one i hope for.

pathological chemistry
medical microbiology
medical parasitology


Sunday, November 7, 2010

my desire

on the 30th of october, i've had change my phone. currently, it is the htc desire that i am using. (i switched from sony's g705) the desire is an android phone. since it is a touch screen phone, i find it a bit awkward when typing with it. but a few days later, it get easier. the screen was awesome! nice and sharp. the camera was okay.. i find it is hard to take a picture cause the is no capture button except for the middle sensor button. most of the applications are quite useful. gps, internet and facebook sync works really great. overall, the htc desire was worth it. a lot of things i did not try yet. i'm looking forward to it!

slow down

it's been months since my last post. things are getting harder as finals are coming. and now, i'm free! (for now, i think..)

besides, my uncle, mr clifford bennett had passed away. i had no idea when is it the actual day, but i know it on the 31st. he's been a very good, caring, full of life, family friend. it's like he saw us, grew up from toddler to young adult. but sadly, he is not here to see what will happen next. condolences to his family. may he rest in peace.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

bowling and pizza

its been months since g.K.p was together. (which is since chepor's outing) and now we had a small gathering again. with azim yang a bit tak betul.. (we go try to pick her. opps him.) beginilah ceritanya:
1. masuk tol to go to simpang pulai then he messaged that he was not at home. (katanya)
2. then we go pass simpang pulai tol and head back to jusco ipoh.
3. when we nearly enter jusco's parking lot. which is tempat really dekat-dekat nak amik tiket parking tu, azim messaged kata he is at gm. waiting unfabulously. (haha, tak bleh blah ayat dia)
4. we headed to gm. on the way, azim said that he is not reaching gm yet. (haha, macam-macam la budak ni..)
5. we stopped at 7/11 fairpark nak buang masa. till tya called him and asked to stay at gm entrance.
6. we reached gm and saw azim alone at the bus stop infront gm's entrance. we pick him up.
7. head back to jusco.

at jusco, we had fun playing bowling. although it is not the actual plan.(original was tengok sunset at bukit kledang) its team boys vs girls.
boys: squidward, diva, nyah
girls: amidala, angie, fathiah
memang bising giler bowling place tu. kecoh. after playing, we head to domino's, tapau pizza. then headed to padang ipoh for dinner. before that, we sent aie to the restaurant around that place for her family gathering. we ate, cam-whoring till nite.

attendance sheet:
present: me, phaty, azim, camie, aie, adzam
absent: bead (in pahang), im (in kl), suman (fly tonight), shiva (in kl)

overall, is nice to get berkumpul together again. macam zaman muda-muda. till we meet again in december.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i saw

few days since the first day of raya. raya was so extremely different without opah. the urge, the feel, the spirit of raya was like fade away. ramadhan had passed, and i will wait for it again. so much happened in this few days, i can see more of family bonding, laughter, sadness, love that fade, love that sparks, tears of joy, colors of life and time will wait for no one. life is short. this raya was an eye opener..

i will miss my raya with opah. with cousins and their family coming over at opah's.

i will miss the feels of raya eve with fireworks and takbir.

i will miss the kekecohan over the preparation for raya.

i will miss the feels of not going to other people houses when raya..

but the most important of all, the new life had just begin. we adik-beradik had grown up. things changes. and i hope that it will get better and our life will diberkati Allah. amin~

ps; i embeded chris brown's without you in this post.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

malam raya

skodeng-skodeng rumah orang, dapatlah melihat bunga api yang bermacam-macam bentuk ni. raya-raya jugak, tapi janganlah sampai terlalu gembira..(semua pasal gara-gara berita yang pasal budak main mercun sampai terbakar rumah tu.. fobia aku) juga, berhati-hati di jalan raya!(sempat jugak orang berlumba tengah malam tak pasal-pasal eksiden, mati tengah jalan..) bagi saya, raya ini bukanlah sekadar bergembira semata-mata, berjumpa sanak saudara ataupun makan sakan serta duit raya, tapi lebih kepada kesyukuran pada yang esa.

kepada umat islam sedunia, selamat menyambut hari raya. maaf zahir batin. marilah kita bermaaf-maafan antara satu sama lain. bagi yang mengenali diriku, ampun maaf dipinta. halalkan segala makan minum, perbuatan yang tidak disengajakan. salam aidilfitri.

happy birthday, ayah

happy birthday, ayah! this is for you!

rendang tok for raya

raya was just around the corner. everyone was preparing for it. since kl will be so lengang with no cars and kampung will be packed like hell. so everyone who gonna be back to kampung, drive safely!

yesterday, mak cooked rendang tok for us. we're starting cooking was like 4 pm and the rendang still not fully cook till midnight. the rendang was like 'oh-yeah'! sedap giler when eating with lemang(dibeli ayah). so to any anak dara out there, belajarlah masak rendang yang sedap untuk anak-anak dan suami tercinta korang. hihi

this was the look of the rendang yang hampir nak masak. lagi nak masak, lagi hitam.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

boyce avenue

let's listen to boyce avenue new song! hope you like it!

*i've been listening to boyce avenue since before they own their own album. before, they used to make cover of popular songs. so, if you interested, just browse their youtube page, here!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

blast berbuka

today was the berbuka day out with members from hospital (seven of us). such a blast! basically we just waste our time there by sitting, eating, talking and laughing. the food was okay.. nothing much to talk. privacy is important!

Monday, August 30, 2010

happy merdeka!

happy merdeka Malaysia! it's been 53 years now! may we living in peace and harmony!

*this picture was taken by me! kat tepi pagar rumah..

Friday, August 27, 2010

a week since i had fever

it's been a week and the fever is not going anywhere. started with uncomfortable feeling and then body temperature rose, continuing with flu and cough. today was cuti for perak and i hope that this long holidays will make my body recover from those fever (having slimy-greenish-mucusoid kahak, ew). i'm looking forward for raya and long holidays again!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

chemical pathology assignment, done!

one done and more to go! (that's are parasitology and microbiology). with no pictures! (all are just chemical equation, dah la tajuk pon lipid profile.. macam mana nak ada gamba! haha)

now i'm worry about the check list book and log book. how do i fill them in? ref. no. are just lame. they should never ask it for the first place. i think, the new syllabus are making students more stress and tired, not because of the assignment, sumatif and report book (buku amali) but its the log book and check list book! i just hope it end up well. let's pray~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

celcom broadband. terminated

its officially terminated! so, i do not need to pay the bills again. although the speed of the broadband has been upgraded due to lower rate of transfer price rate data by celcom, (apa aku cakap ni?) but it is not worth it as i am not using it for a long time (for two months, actually). the final bill will be send next week. so long, broadband! and welcome new earphone!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

movie night-out

such a great outing i had with tya, lyana, khidir, asri and shafiq last friday night. were watching the sorcerer's apprentice that night. thanks for the tickets kak lyana! the movie was quite interesting but there is some scene a bit boring.. but overall, i enjoyed the night and hope there is night movie again with them.

ps; next month! tya = grown ups, khidir = the last airbender.. wanna join them!

Monday, July 19, 2010


meluat aku membaca posting-posting di facebook yang bermacam-macam ragam jenis orang ni. berikut adalah contoh-contoh posting:

1. ada ke pulak mamat tulis posting kata 'nak nangis la'.. bagai la.. awak tu lelaki, tak kan sikit-sikit nak nangis? mengalahkan perempuan. kalau perumpamaan tu boleh terima lagi. ini tak..

2. perempuan yg tulis 'my sayang hubby'.. 'miss my hubby'.. kalau si wanita ni dah kahwin memang patutlah. tapi kalau setakat couple tu, tak payahlah nak berlebih-lebih tulis hubby. gedik, perasan je lebih.

3. mereka-mereka yang tulis something yang menggunakan short-form yang kononnya melambang mereka itu menggunakan ayat yang comel, contoh: cyg, bwu, cyunk, fwen.. mereka-mereka ni sebenarnya seperti bajet comel tapi mengada-ngada. tulis la ayat dan bahasa yang betul. ini bukannya bahasa sms.

4. those yang post benda bukan-bukan dan tanya soalan bodoh, seperti: lapar, nak makan ape?.. baru lepas mandi, kredit habis, tapi nak call dia.. ape punya soalan la diorang tulis ni? post benda tak berfaedah.

5. mereka-mereka yang tagged gamba yang tak ada kene mengena dengan aku, contohnya seperti tagged gamba bola, gambar-gambar bunga, ultraman.. macam menyemak je kat tagged photos tu.

aku pon kadang-kadang tidak terlepas dengan menulis benda-benda yang tak berfaedah ni. tapi adalah had dan batasnya. janganlah semua status anda berunsurkan tulisan-tulisan karangan kanak-kanak bawah umur. sedangkan kanak-kanak ini kadang-kadang lebih berfikiran kreatif dan kritis.

moral of the story: tulislah sesuatu yang membina dan berfaedah menjurus kepada sesuatu yang boleh digunapakai. janganlah anda menulis sampah.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

end of first week

been through the first week of practical here in ipoh. it's been hard, tired and you really need real patient to go through. hope i can maintain my self and end it with full confident! i need support from anyone around me.

ps; i'm in biochemistry unit till end of august. currently in abg section.

leave this town - the b-sides

daughtry's released new ep album! i'm currently listening to it and daughtry's songs are always suits me. go daughtry go!

lists of tracks:
01 long way
02 one last chance
03 get me through
04 what have we become
05 on the inside
06 traffic light

Thursday, July 1, 2010


omg! can't believe it! i'm stuck with archuleta's something 'bout love! and i'm over with let's get physical, physical and bionic! haha

hope there's no other new song that gonna get me stuck again!

david's song are just like keeping on and on on your head when you start listen it. hard to stop it. haha. it's a week since the song released, and i still playing it. anyway, the new cover are recently released! enjoy the music

Saturday, June 26, 2010

we met again

princess camie 'camielia' of chepor

suman with anak ikan! hehe

friday 25 june; was the bbq day at chepor, with gkp, for sure! we have loads of fun and sharing things we that we've experience after all this times. it is like a small reunion. we all just eat and talk.. with all those jokes and laughter. enjoying the day with tya, camie, aie, im, suman, adzam, azim, bead and not forgetting iqbal and fahmi. i can't write it in words to describe the day itself, cause a lot had happened and it is hard to translate it in the blog. but overall, i had fun chit chatting with suman and azim (with all those glee and lady gaga! haha) kacau-kacau bead and others, seeing aie and camie gila-gila in the water, fahmi, iqbal and tya with the food plus suman do the ikan thing-ing.. imtiaaz with the ayam tergolek-golek when masak with bead.. azim surpass adzam mulut bising for the day. and adzam pon a bit unstable when buat air with aie! (the senduk! ops!) and the best part is.. camie with the chun lee's style!! memang buat grand entrance pagi tu!! but one thing i'm not satisfy is.. my camera battery.. aw.. wanna get new one!

i do not know when will be our next meeting, but for sure, it will be full of surprises and emotional one as one of us may leaving malaysia.. (owh, it's like the next season of desperate housewives pulak! haha)

side of gkp:
1. from the outside and pemikiran orang lain; gila, divas, tak betul, a lot bising and over react. hated by teachers at school (except ms norhayati and some of the english teachers..)
2. for me; gkp are like the bbf, fills the emptiness, supportive, and what i like most? the each person attitude towards others. some maybe secretive, some are just sharing to get opinion and support.. but everyone have their own dilemma in life.. we are not moving in one group right now unlike three years back, but our hearts are just as one! u just can't imagine what will happen to us in the next 5 years.. but i am looking forward!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

finding my inspiration

finally i found such a lovely song. inspirational! that's my thought. it is matt zarley's, here i am. (first time heard about the singer) try and search in on youtube. you'll love it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

glee = drama

the tv show, glee, are just like.. aw should i say it's just like drama! miss those days. with all the up and down, felt like just wanna be back on stage with the same cast and run our drama again! we've through zone and district level and made it to state! owh! full of memories..

i need inspiration

need my time,
need my song,
need my inspiration.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

make a change, please..

this post is referring to the one and only _____! hehe kept it secret. only the one who 'in contact' with him knows this. such an evil monster i am! to tell the truth, i just post this so that he know what 'is' he right now. let's start with the long list of knockin' his ass-off! i bet this gonna be a long one.

1. u're a bad f-shit, rara! dah la livin' in one roof and you're just keep silent in your room?! ops, beg your pardon, it's not your room! is my bro's ok! get it!? get it clean and keep it organize. and please do not use someone stuff and make it yours, ok! if someone use your stuff, how do you feel? tak kan itu pon tak faham. this include kain tuala, handphone and some other stuff/s. get one for yourself. benda mahal boleh beli, benda perlu tak kan itu pon tak ada, hampeh!

2. when you are giving permission to take something or anything from the kitchen, think about it. you used it, u take it, but did you give back? you livin' here not just for a day or two, it's like nearly a year, and you should think how do the owner of the house think about you. try to fit like you in their shoes. (kau tak faham kot.. ops!) and please, buanglah sampah tu, tak kan dah gunting paket nescafe tu buang je kat situ, ingat aku tak tahu ke? and the maggi thing-ing, aku nak makan pon dah habis. tak kan tu semua makanan ruji kau ke? tak makan nasi? bagus betul!

3. when you are about to goin' out or to work, bagitahu la orang rumah. hello! benda ni tak payah nak cakap la. even orang pon tak payah nak ajar. ini adab orang melayu. kau tu tak beradab ke? or should i make it biadab?

4. macam katak bawah tempurung. get a life, talk to others. ni tak, duduk dalam bilik macam dracula takut nak keluar. come on la, dalam satu rumah even not talking to others? puhlease la, ko tu bukan anak dara. i heard dengan orang lain bukan main baiknya kau tu.. asal tak duduk je dengan diorang? kan best.

5. do not brag like you are the mr-know-it-all and the most kaya person, ok! cause we are not, and so are you. ingatlah asal usul, dari mana, siapa kita.. and please, remember who the one that raised you dari kecil dulu.

6. jaga tingkah laku dan percakapan. people judge you from inside, not your outside.

7. jangan jadi penipu! orang dah mula menyampah dengan kau!

8. fikirlah, dah malas aku nak tulis dah. cari kesilapan dan baiki diri. if you 're not related, jangan harap la kau..


i've been thinkin' a lot lately. it's a long list to be noted, but since i wrote this post, i will give it a shot. it's about how am i thinking rite now. been talking to adzam just now let me think about me..

1. be positive. it's all about positive thinking. no matter what will happened, positive will be sweet. not making any other conclusion cause it will harm you. disturb your life.
2. be nice to others. they will treat you well.
3. give support. i always said everything will be alright to my friends.. (i think they know..) give them support although i know sometimes it is wrong. (i mean a really dosa-like supportive.. u'll should understand..) but when i need support.. i dunno where should i get one.. it's like i be like one of my friend.. he is full of motivation, but i can't help him when he's down.. guess it's like karma.
4. hatred. when i hate something or someone, i just hate it. no need to say more.
5. and lastly, be thankful!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

i wanna go home..

it's been like nearly more then two months plus since i'm home. really miss my family and ipoh very much.. hope can be home soon since finals are just 'halfway gone'. soon i will having my professionalism building course, and i am so not into it. just waiting it will come to an end. hating, frustrated, tired, sick and more coming soon. i wanna go home!

ps; daughtry's 'home' are over my head right now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

month away

got a month away before my kl life is off.. back to ipoh was just as planned, but it is only for 1 year.. then have to get back to this oh-so-not-cool place. guess there's nothing much to expect.. miss my camera so damn much. takde benda nk buat tanpa camra tu.. anyway, i kept thinking of the day we enjoy ourselves in pavi. watching cool movie and doin' some crazy things there with zati, lee and kiem. hope there will be next time. kene ajak komander jugak!

so now.. focus for finals!


things that happened..
1. ms ju mengamuk on her picture tersebar in the net.
2. nazua's birthday was celebrated and they got her a bearded stitch.
3. they celebrated my birthday on the day itself. thanks you guys!
4. ms zati still wanna watch how to train your dragon.. felt sorry for her..
5. terkantoi with hannah montana during histo class.. she didn't believe i lukis from the slide..
6. thank god mom is ok. hope she recover soon!
7. mom called and tell story about pak joi. interesting yet mysterious..
8. formative results is out. everything was ok except for patologi kimia.. have to work hard!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


the pokemon fever is back! it's been ages since the original version of gold and silver is out. now it's been remake and came out in the nds form! such nice graphics and a lot of new stuff has been thrown in. although finals will soon begin, pokemon game are just for fun and as a therapy for my mind! to all my college mate! gotta catch 'em all!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

get ready to get serious

tomorrow is last day of mid sem's. what's comin' up next are just days full of books and notes. time flies by so fast. it's time to get serious. looking back at my previous achievement makes me feel so down and unsatisfied, especially looking at the minimum requirement needed for further my study( if i want to) online last nite. needed the time and pace to really get back my momentum. try to minimize my involvement in unimportant event! but if it involve theater? i'll think about it.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

so much

so much happened in this february and march. aquaria outing, paintball and most of it are goin' back late during watching performance in IB. there's also full of peoples 'drama' and secrets reveals this month! such amusement when think about it.. formative are coming soon.. time to sit back and hit those notes. but before that! its time to relax and enjoy mid sem hols! happy holiday!


ps; listen to she's not you, by david archuleta!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

new breeze..

time make a change.. again.. hehe people are meant to change in every way in order to get whats best! every changes makes one or others feels awkward and can't accept it. so, be positive! :) take your time and enjoy each day, every minutes.


ps; currently listening to coco!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


huhu. tak ketahuan apa nak buat kat hostel yang best giler ni.. my heart are just thinking and wanting to go home next week. home, here i come!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

first week of part three

it's been a mixed week for this new semester as many happened and most of it are plain and indescribable. it is full of cacing and awful shit as parasite's module was on. what's best? allowance in and i go shopping! i did but body shop's tea tree cleanser, dettol spray and... hmm i forgot. that's all! till next time!


Saturday, January 2, 2010


its new year! i'm changing my blog with new aura and layout to make it more jolly and fresh! ;) hehe can't wait to see what's up this year. hope it will be full of sunshine and joy!


ps; kurangkan gossip. low profile. want to enjoy life jer this year! :)