Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010, nearly end

finally, 2010 will come to end. come and help me list what had happened!

it's a lot, and i'm quite lost and confused. anyway, i had a great time outing with bffs! the pangkor trip and gunung lang (the latest) and not to forget my new friends, the trainee of raja permaisuri bainun hospital! surprisingly, this year's "drama" agak kurang. apa-apa pon, not to forget, the end of 3rd sem incident, which is sungguh memalukan the whole batch. that is so.. wrong. yang lain, i will list out! (memandangkan dah ter-started to flashback memories..)

1. dear uncle cliff had passed away. link
2. outing with titi, qinqin, kiem, lee are one of my favourite! the kl outing gang!
3. team up with khid, pali, and asri in hrpb, ipoh.
4. meet up with seniors, and other trainees! :) link
5. bowling and pizza night! love the kegilaan. link
6. suman's going to uk! wish u all the best!
7. i buy desire! i'm using android, people! link
8. pangkor and gunung lang, both naik boat! and i hate water..
9. switch place with my bro! me: kl-ipoh, him: ipoh-kl
10. semalam, bola menang! congrats to the malaysian team! (nak jugak masukkan!)
11. the cameron's crash. link
12. berbuka night out. link
13. chepor bbq's. link

so.. welcome 2011! my final year in college!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a tron legacy

lets talk about tron legacy, the next tron film. cerita dia agak menarik, and the soundtrack are like 'boleh-layan' la. but the story line agak banyak dialog and slow, but yet it's interesting! the best part, graphics memang mantap! i suggest u guys should watch in 3d. overall, it is worth it! happy watching

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a cameron's story

as stated, it is really a major accident for malaysia, and the worst in history, but what makes an impact to me are:

1. my brothers are on their way to cameron, which is the exact time, where the accident happened! and it a shock when we (my family) heard about the bus crash in the noon news. worrying about things happened. but alhamdulillah, everything was fine. we called our brothers many time and finally they sent a message at 3.00 pm, saying they were ok! and they where at the incident place since few minutes it occur.

2. a trip to cameron, which was decided the day before is cancelled. we going to pangkor instead.

3. hospital raja permaisuri bainun, ipoh are in emergency need of blood type B and O. kindly donate to the blood bank. spread the news.

*there are pictures where my brothers (the twins) and his two friends took. but i am not showing it here cause it is very so-not-appropriate for tontonan umum. so, the picture has been deleted for good.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

htc desire new update!

so now htc had releases new update for htc desire, version 2.13.707.2 fota update. i've been goggled for the change log and had found none. it is better for me to see the change log first before i do my update cause i don't want any corruption to the settings. so, lets hope for best!

update 1:39 pm, 8/12/2010, ms:
i finally updated my phone from version 2.13.707.1 to .2 a couple of hours ago. there are no major change. i found out that the update are for the market, (from the official htc web). so far, there is no file corruption to the phone. i will update if there's any.