Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thought #1 | Future Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and Hye readers. I was sitting back this morning with my coffee, like any other day since I ended college. Then I read this post from carlsamsudin.blogspot.com. It was "Saya Tak Nak Najib Razak, Saya Tak Nak Anuar Ibrahim! Tapi.." and I was like "OK, this guy has his own vision and idea.". Surprisingly, I was inspired with his post, especially when I saw the embedded videos. I start to think, they (our previous leaders) have successfully build our country, what is my contribution to Malaysia?

Like my mother said "Masa mak tak lama lagi, esok masa korang..". And I answered, "Kalau teruk sangat, pindah je lah ke luar negara.." And she was like "Habis tu tak kan nak biarkan saja negara kita?" I'm speechless.

Looking at this political state in Malaysia right now, I have no idea what will happen next. In split second after I flash back my talk with mak, I remember a Dato' said to me after his talk during my Kursus Induksi last December. He shook my hand and said "Inilah bakal pegawai yang berpotensi.." I smiled with no other word to say. Mungkin ada mesej yang hendak disampaikan oleh Dato' tu. Beliau dah lama berkhidmat. Nearly 60++ years, (I recall) and people with his experience (he once live in Japan as an ambassador) maybe sees something out of me. And my mak cik(s) always tease me "Nama dah ada.. bla bla bla..", "Dr. Umar.. bla bla bla.." (InsyaAllah kalau ada peluang!) I thought "Do I make a good leader?" I should ask my friend..

I do care on how my country was doing right now. There's all this fighting on "who's good, who's bad..", "he can do it, he can't" and the list goes on. It is better for those people to sit back and have a discussion on how to build our country for a better future. Seeing the world economy, all the natural disaster lately, do we have time to do all this fighting that will end up NOTHING. Sudah-sudahlah, it's time to move on!


  1. yess..gud point of view...

    *still terpikir*...

  2. @Ahmad Fauzi Aryaan (A.F.A): terfikir apa tu?! nak share?