Saturday, June 26, 2010

we met again

princess camie 'camielia' of chepor

suman with anak ikan! hehe

friday 25 june; was the bbq day at chepor, with gkp, for sure! we have loads of fun and sharing things we that we've experience after all this times. it is like a small reunion. we all just eat and talk.. with all those jokes and laughter. enjoying the day with tya, camie, aie, im, suman, adzam, azim, bead and not forgetting iqbal and fahmi. i can't write it in words to describe the day itself, cause a lot had happened and it is hard to translate it in the blog. but overall, i had fun chit chatting with suman and azim (with all those glee and lady gaga! haha) kacau-kacau bead and others, seeing aie and camie gila-gila in the water, fahmi, iqbal and tya with the food plus suman do the ikan thing-ing.. imtiaaz with the ayam tergolek-golek when masak with bead.. azim surpass adzam mulut bising for the day. and adzam pon a bit unstable when buat air with aie! (the senduk! ops!) and the best part is.. camie with the chun lee's style!! memang buat grand entrance pagi tu!! but one thing i'm not satisfy is.. my camera battery.. aw.. wanna get new one!

i do not know when will be our next meeting, but for sure, it will be full of surprises and emotional one as one of us may leaving malaysia.. (owh, it's like the next season of desperate housewives pulak! haha)

side of gkp:
1. from the outside and pemikiran orang lain; gila, divas, tak betul, a lot bising and over react. hated by teachers at school (except ms norhayati and some of the english teachers..)
2. for me; gkp are like the bbf, fills the emptiness, supportive, and what i like most? the each person attitude towards others. some maybe secretive, some are just sharing to get opinion and support.. but everyone have their own dilemma in life.. we are not moving in one group right now unlike three years back, but our hearts are just as one! u just can't imagine what will happen to us in the next 5 years.. but i am looking forward!

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