Sunday, April 24, 2011

i followed more than my follower

i am not a blog obsessed yet i am not sure where do i take this blog to.. so i am asking many of my friends whether do i need to blog in english or malay, cause most of my viewer are from overseas and not from my country. as for the content, i am more comfortable with reviews and not my daily life. you decide!

reason i blog in english: dah lama i tak guna or speak in english, lebih-lebih lagi writing.. i do read english everyday, but it is just not enough.. my english teruk especially grammar!

reason of my content: reviews like musics, movies, gadgets are like best giler, tapi i do not have those things that i would like to review on, so my content agak terhad and tak cukup bahan to talk on to..

i need your opinion guys! do comment! thanks


  1. hmmm, nothing to talk about..huhu..
    but i do like ur blog.. coz more or less,
    dapat gak tau u punya current activities and lifestyle..hihi..

  2. xtau nak ckp apa but setuju dgn komen azam! hehehe..
    kalau u nak ramai followers u boleh start promoting your blog! :)

  3. u have to had target viewers.. if u realy are interested in reviewing gadgets, then u have to make a very interesting post on that. do your research on it, and write a useful and attractive post. ppl will think, this is helpful n informative, n they'll share it. there, ur viewers have increased. :)

    like 'blog aku bukan blog bapak kau', he always write entries that all types of ppl will enjoy, not just syok sindri. as for 'blog serius: blog yang sangat serius', he writes about all interesting events globally, so ppl love it, he had 9 millions viewers so far. *thats what he claim lah, haha, but his blog IS fantastic*

    thats what i did wif most of my posts, too. (e.g "menarik tentang 25 nabi", "kenapa saya anti statement tak semua gadis..") i do research on each entries before posting it. i like to post things that make ppl think, wether they like it or not, thats beside the point. we can argue that later. the main thing is to attract them to think, and make my words stay on their mind, even a bit. and my readers luv it, those kind of posts have reached 100+ of views so far. *sikit je, hu*

    eh, x prasan tbe2 ckp omputeh gak kan. haha. lg 1, rsenye xde masalah kalau umar still nak mnulis dlm english, sbab malays pun bhs inggris jugak. since most of ur readers are from oversea, then go on jelah. :)

    ksimpulannya, tulis apa yang anda mahu tulis. klau rmai yg nk umar tulis psal life, tp umar xbrape bminat nk tulis psl tu, then xpyah la. write what u want. tp utk increase pbaca, just make it interesting+informative lah, so that ppl will share ur post on their fb/etc.

    cayok~ cayok~ umar~

    *LOVE from ur sis: Ayi Si Budak Baru Belajar* :p

  4. *sbab malays pun faham bhs inggris jugak.

  5. Oh my! Thanks for all the supports and ideas! Love you guys!! :)