Friday, April 29, 2011

somewhere only we know

suddenly this song came to my mind. just love it!

adele songs are good too~

layanlah lagu semasa anda stress!

bruno mars pun termasuk jugak!

just a few days till i finish my fifth semester. can't wait! currently i am very stress with all those paper works, reports and studying. habis je exam, nak enjoy a bit. hope the exam papers are not that though. i pray to god, harap-harap apa yang di study before akan masuk and diberkati. amin~


  1. hmm, here in usm ( uni. skema msia, haha!), we couldnt access youtube, so i x dont the song yang kat ats tuh,,
    kalau boleh, bagi title?

    p/s : btw, adele song- 'someone like you' is fantabulous!

  2. owh ok! thanks for the feedback! anyway, yang first tu ialah glee version of somewhere only we know, then followed by adele someone like you, bruno mars's grenade and lastly justin bieber pray! :)