Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i saw

few days since the first day of raya. raya was so extremely different without opah. the urge, the feel, the spirit of raya was like fade away. ramadhan had passed, and i will wait for it again. so much happened in this few days, i can see more of family bonding, laughter, sadness, love that fade, love that sparks, tears of joy, colors of life and time will wait for no one. life is short. this raya was an eye opener..

i will miss my raya with opah. with cousins and their family coming over at opah's.

i will miss the feels of raya eve with fireworks and takbir.

i will miss the kekecohan over the preparation for raya.

i will miss the feels of not going to other people houses when raya..

but the most important of all, the new life had just begin. we adik-beradik had grown up. things changes. and i hope that it will get better and our life will diberkati Allah. amin~

ps; i embeded chris brown's without you in this post.

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  1. dis entri is mengharukan- terkejut ta i ada kat post yg ni umar? hehe... love ur posties- simple dan tetiba ada lagu chris brown ni - hehe^^