Sunday, April 11, 2010

month away

got a month away before my kl life is off.. back to ipoh was just as planned, but it is only for 1 year.. then have to get back to this oh-so-not-cool place. guess there's nothing much to expect.. miss my camera so damn much. takde benda nk buat tanpa camra tu.. anyway, i kept thinking of the day we enjoy ourselves in pavi. watching cool movie and doin' some crazy things there with zati, lee and kiem. hope there will be next time. kene ajak komander jugak!

so now.. focus for finals!


things that happened..
1. ms ju mengamuk on her picture tersebar in the net.
2. nazua's birthday was celebrated and they got her a bearded stitch.
3. they celebrated my birthday on the day itself. thanks you guys!
4. ms zati still wanna watch how to train your dragon.. felt sorry for her..
5. terkantoi with hannah montana during histo class.. she didn't believe i lukis from the slide..
6. thank god mom is ok. hope she recover soon!
7. mom called and tell story about pak joi. interesting yet mysterious..
8. formative results is out. everything was ok except for patologi kimia.. have to work hard!