Thursday, May 5, 2011

a long check-in journey (summary)

yesterday was my last day of exam (for this semester) and yet more to come, which is the final part, my last semester! and hopefully i will pass this exam with flying colours! (which i had no idea what am i doing inside the exam hall~ sebenarnya harap lulus je) after the exam i straight away packed my bag and go home without thinking staying or lepak-ing with others. a lot had happened yesterday. it is a very long journey, so i shorten it a bit. here we go:

go back - head to mechanic shop in bercham - to tesco extra - pick up brothers - at home - to ipoh parade - pick up by fathiah - head to azim's at simpang pulai - to lyana's - to farah's - jusco kinta city - sushi king - to lotus five star at bangunan seri kinta - back again to jusco kinta city - nasmir - lost world - azim's - and finally back home (sent by fathiah)

it is a very interesting yet funny and new things that we do yesterday, the best part was the dog incident! (sure tak akan lupa sampai mati!)

tetamu yang hadir (from left; farah, lyana, fathiah, azim, me)

the girls

the boys

before the dog incident

can't wait for the next outing~

thanks to:
1. fathiah - the mastermind (pictures taken from fathiah's facebook)
2. lyana - the sweet one
3. farah - the sushi guru
4. azim - the annoying/funny one


  1. i miss our madness!
    xsabar nak outing ngn korng semua..
    huhu~ :X

  2. come lets go some day. next coming month perhaps!