Thursday, September 29, 2011

dinner padang

tup tup tup, we ate at grand garuda, a place of padang cuisine in kampung baru. just testing the food there..

sebelum makan

sedang makan

selepas makan

at the crime scene

zati, with the price. you judge yourself

kakak waitress yang angkat pinggan dengan begitu banyak sekaligus
verdict: the food was okay, so so je. but the menu was a bit different from other shop cause i never taste any of the padang food. the sambal was so hot! sampai nak pecah kepala otak aku. but this place is quite pricey. an everyday eater confirm not coming here always. ambiance was clean and with air-conditioner. i think that tells us why this place is this place! try for yourself and share your opinion. 2.5/5 star for grand garuda kampung baru.

below are the not-related food activity..

before back to hostel

sesi buang lemak

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