Sunday, August 30, 2009

when i'm bored

recently i've been thinking bout this week passed, especially the hematology formatif and the gila-gila pada waktu berbuka which we're having it last tuesday at KFC berjaya times square . thanks to aiep, izzati, syiqin, faizah, zai, ky, pali, riezza and nizam plus huda for joining the crowd. it's really enjoying and fun! (although i know there's a 'fire' rekindle somewhere..)

and about hematology, it's damn hard! just hope that the result will be ok..

next, big b will be spreading a new gossip to the community, beware and don't termakan dengan segala gossip-nya. thank you

sem 3 spotted at the crime scene

finally, i change my desktop wallpaper after so long. with blank and pink touch plus a little bit of touch-up, inilah hasilnya! a sexy hands with touching colors. new ambiance = new mood + sexy drama! that's what it is *(a carrie underwood song)


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