Saturday, August 22, 2009

welcoming ramadhan

it's a month if fasting for us, muslim, starting today. happy fasting everyone! hmm.. lets babbling about the past few week. starting with this month activities.. (dah mula gossiping lagi.. bulan puasa ni!)

what happend?
hematology.. slides.. tissues.. microscope.. and mr. sal.. a lot of pressure this week! attendance are weak. and like usual, our batch is blamed again and again.. i'm not saying that we are good, but still.. can they look at us as if we're not dump!? just leave the rest (who are lazy and diva's) the way they wannabe.. take action! (isi je borang tatatertib!)

started to snap most of the controversial pictures. most of them are couples and the 'back view' of people in college. but the most 'talk-a-lot' picture is the one with f, one of our junior, during the theater. (tak sangka plak!) so, buat-buat tak tau je la umar oi!

attending 'tun abdul razak the musical' theater at istana budaya last tuesday was a blast! it's really worth the time n money i spent that night. (i.m.o lah) dah la hujan, but still we walk there.. it just a stone's throw from our hostel, so we HAVE to walk although it rain heavily. only 17 (including me) from our batch. most of the students are part 1. (juniors are trying to get into the 'social' of kl, don't blame them!) sarcasm. anyway, the theater is O-key.. but the sound effect and the stage are just phenomenal! stage settings are fantastic! but the story was quite boring cause a lot of people are mumbling and talking, during the show. (i ok jer!)

the huge ad poster inside ib

the gossip with f (*not the same f stated above..) is occurred again after going out to get my tickets. argh, malas nak layan dah

yesterday was the fire-drill session with ready-care. ok, nice and fun. like to see those fire burning!

before the fire took place..

riezza trying to do..

mrs. azi in action!

overall, this week is quite ok.. just have to get over with the gossiping thing-ing..


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