Thursday, December 1, 2011

time bomb

of all sudden, i felt so in touch with this song. time bomb, by all time low. i first heard this song when it was featured in the sims 3 generation. but then (when i was browsing songs on youtube), i found this video. the video that was recently release. and when i opened it, i had a flash back on my days in new zealand. that was a speechless trip. a trip that change my thought of the world. a trip that opened my eyes, wide.

"it was like a time bomb set in a motion
we were only destined to explode
and if i have to pull you out of the wreckage
you know i'm never gonna let you go
oh, like a time bomb
gotta use it
let's defuse it
ticking like a time bomb
but i need it
wouldn't have it any other way.."

the lyrics itself said enough. time does count. so, use your time to the fullest. live like there's no tomorrow. cheers! oh, i just love pop rock! those beat are sweet!

all time low


  1. live like there's no tomorroW...What Im doing Now..huhu...Morning.

  2. @Xan Adam: enjoy every bite in life! morning too~

  3. style.. sedap muzik intro dia :D

  4. @Saiazuan: kan! suka drum beat lagu ni!

  5. huhuuu... best jugak ek cmni share lagu yg ade perkataan tertentu. ade lagi yg best, Rain korea ^_^.

  6. @k.h.a.l.i.l.a: haha! nasib dia bukan lagu jugak! XD