Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow White Evolution

This is the Snow White version in ABC drama, Once Upon A Time. I just adore how they twist her looks in each episode. Snow White is portrayed Ginnifer Goodwind.

Snow White with Prince Charming in the first episode

Snow White in the woods (Episode 3)

Snow dancing with Cinderella (Episode 4)

Snow in black (with Evil Queen) mourning after his father (the King) died. (Episode 7)

Snow talking to Red (Episode 10)

Snow in black cape (Episode 10)

A scene in 11th episode

A siren transform into Snow to seduce Prince Charming (Episode 13)

Snow with Red [here] (Episode 15)

Closer look..

It is cool (sometimes I find it's funny) how they twist each episode with different fairy tale story in it. Some of the fairy tale characters are Genie, Belle, Cinderella, Fairy Godmother. Now I just waiting for Rapunzel to make an appearance!

*To watch the trailer [here]


  1. dia jadik cikgu sekolah rendah lagi comel rambut pendek

  2. the things that i knew is I LOVE THOSE VICTORIAN DRESS....>_< heheheh
    mood berangan nak pakai gaun mcm tu tapi ntah bila hahahahah