Sunday, January 23, 2011

just started, and it's painful

video ini tiada kene mengena dengan post ini..

let's start. it is just the third week of 2011, and it's been like a tiny rocking boat in the middle of the seven seas.. because of this, i expect that 2011 will be a very very very hard year for me. not to forget, this will be my final year of studying in college, many things need to get cover. my social life are getting more drama, just like those in the teenage-high school drama plus those that suffering from office politics.. it is hard for me to co-op with those things (and it is quite new for me as well) to handle those stress, and i am still trying to. i have to be more strict - some of my friend said so. but i think i need a place to relax and time to let go.. till next time


  1. ohh.. umar.. tabah ea.. bnyak manusia bnyak la ragamnye.. dlm life kte mmang akan slalu de jatuh bangun.. yg pnting kte x give up, blaja dr pngalaman n jgn biarkan stres mnguasai pmikiran.. huhu.. random advice je sbab xtau masalah spesifik umar.. hrap mbantu!

  2. thanks kak aie! really appreciate it!! banyak dugaan lately. now i sdg melaluinya slowly, harap dapat pass with full colours! :)