Friday, May 20, 2011

sedar tak sedar

sedar tak sedar, my posts sudah mencapai 102 post! and i just realised it! and i feel good about it! for this time being (i mean really this time when i write this post) i am so want to go out for movie but with no one that are free and available. what a sad day. but i am sad no more, caused there is tomorrow and tomorrow can wait (just a sentence to psychologically ease my mind). anyway, i am officially on my way to somewhere soon! doakan keselamatan pergi dan pulang saya serta keluarga~

movie wish list:
1. pirates of caribbean
2. nur kasih (can't believe i wrote this)
3. thor
4. priest (pun tak tengok lagi)

*i am so outdated!


  1. i also cant remember bile last time i tgk movie.. huu~
    i think few months ago.. huhu~
    anyway, njoy watching movie bile2 u tgk keyh!
    oh yarh, have a safety journey yarh! :D

  2. thanks azam azaris! hopefully everything went as planned! will be back soon and update everything! :)