Saturday, August 27, 2011

iftar night out

a night out with fellow course mate! dalam bulan ramadhan lah macam-macam perkara nak kene setelkan. although our classes pack giler, still make our time out! kalau tak mampus pening kepala kat hostel tu..
@sarawabina restaurant, titiwangsa

first night out with zul. it's like wow! seriously


 this is the picture when iftar with our penyelaras, mr. jalil

ikan 3 rasa, ala-ala rancangan tv3 tu..

still lapar you know

picture with mr. jalil and mr. syahid

went to sushi king for dinner/supper

like yeah!

now, classes are over! (for a while) and i'm back in ipoh for raya! 3 days lagi. need my time to rest and planning on what to do for raya!

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