Friday, April 29, 2011

somewhere only we know

suddenly this song came to my mind. just love it!

adele songs are good too~

layanlah lagu semasa anda stress!

bruno mars pun termasuk jugak!

just a few days till i finish my fifth semester. can't wait! currently i am very stress with all those paper works, reports and studying. habis je exam, nak enjoy a bit. hope the exam papers are not that though. i pray to god, harap-harap apa yang di study before akan masuk and diberkati. amin~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

tak tipu!

ini tidak tipu! adalah dengan ini (seperti gambarajah di atas) merupakan screen capture daripada page nuffnang saya. majoriti daripada oversea ok! haha. kadang-kadang tak faham tapi faham-fahamkanlah..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

i followed more than my follower

i am not a blog obsessed yet i am not sure where do i take this blog to.. so i am asking many of my friends whether do i need to blog in english or malay, cause most of my viewer are from overseas and not from my country. as for the content, i am more comfortable with reviews and not my daily life. you decide!

reason i blog in english: dah lama i tak guna or speak in english, lebih-lebih lagi writing.. i do read english everyday, but it is just not enough.. my english teruk especially grammar!

reason of my content: reviews like musics, movies, gadgets are like best giler, tapi i do not have those things that i would like to review on, so my content agak terhad and tak cukup bahan to talk on to..

i need your opinion guys! do comment! thanks

Saturday, April 23, 2011

saje nak promo david cook

david cook's the last goodbye! wohoo~ david cook is one of my favourite from american idol selain daripada carrie underwood, david archuleta, kelly clarkson and kris allen. (ada banyak lagi favourite! malas nak list out) lagu-lagu dia dari album david cook memang banyak yang best and menarik minat. harap lagu dalam album baru ni lagi best dari dulu! anyway, enjoy the video!

*sah-sah mat saleh yang baca post kali ni pening sebab banyak campuran bahasa..

ni pulak lagu remix mamat ni! official send off song for american idol 2011!

Friday, April 22, 2011

one more week to go

one more week to go before final exam! best wishes to all friends who take the exam with or without me!

songs of the month:

1. adele - someone like you

2. justin bieber - up (feat. chris brown)

3. big time rush - count on you (feat. jordin sparks)

4. rihanna - california king bed

5. taylor swift - haunted


Saturday, April 16, 2011

google voice search in bahasa malaysia

here's the google official video on the malaysia version of google search. want to see more? the video below will show more. have fun!

another send off

dah habis! a word that sounds if something was over.. nearly half of the trainee had their last day yesterday.

"at last, i've successfully finished my internship... 20 weeks, 5 months flew just like that with lots of sweet n of course some sour memories...but i love those moments i spent at hrpb...thanks a lot to all the staffs n frens to guide and help me throughout the training....i'm really going to miss u all...pls do keep in touch....all of u will be remembered for life time...dun forget me...take care..." a quote by one of them.

sooner or later, my time will come. and then, off to my final semester. insyaAllah. jemput-jemput lah datang lagi!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

a wish from me

when i saw pictures of my cousin's children, suddenly i terbayangkan how would i and my children would be.. if i had any? (hope i have many..) how did my parents raised me and my siblings? what do they faced? how do they felt? from then till now.. i can't think of any caused i didn't had any.. anyway, i am 21 today, and i had one thing to say..

i am very grateful to be born.. thank you Allah for giving me my parent, my family.. the years together, the up and down.. alhamdulillah, it makes me who i am now..

Friday, April 1, 2011

here comes goodbye

it is hard to admit, but goodbye are just sad. poorly done by me. i would rather say "see you again"..

a short post for my friends..