Monday, October 14, 2013

Galaxy Note 3 Battery Life

I've been using Note 3 for about weeks and found out that the battery life was good compared to my previous Note. Since I am a heavy data user (agak la sikit) with all those Facebook-ing, Instagram-ing, Flipboard-ing and such (oh no, I'm not playing games), the battery still stand up for the whole day.

Note (I'm using 3000mAh)

Note 3 (3200mAh)
Take note on the on screen time comparison between Note and Note 3. Three times longer!

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  1. dah lama x update blog ni hehe dah ada samsung note 4 dah :)

    Btw kami 3 sekawan baru je launch travel blog. 1st entry kami psl backpacking di New Zealand. Kalau ada masa, singgahla, boleh tinggalkan komen dan feedback ;) kalau dpt exchange link pun ok. Hehe

    Terima kasih!