Sunday, December 6, 2009


yesterday outing with azim, suman and suman's friend, farid had been so bising and unpredictable. we watch new moon (a boring movie full of half naked guy and desperate girl). starting with meeting suman, then farid came. then we go lepak at kinta city mcd's and meet with jelly, arief and koyok (dunno his real name). after listening to their stories, we decided to watch the 4 o'clock movie. before that suman, azim and i were chit chatting at the coffee bean to kill some time. after the movie, we're eating at kfc before going back. overall, it's such a nice outing, meeting new friends and now i realize that there's more gila-gila group besides ours!


ps; next time we go outing lagi. this time please! no lame movie again! haha


  1. omg.. umar. U met Farid? ahahah! die mmg mcm tu. bising2. haha :p

  2. oh azri! thx for the comment! is farid really like that? oh god..