Saturday, December 26, 2009

what can i say..

it's been one week left before back to college.. it's been such a long hols (for me) cause basically i didn't do much at home. just sit back and relaxing my soul, without any of college work in mind. christmas had passed, license will get soon, report is sent, so now just waiting for new year to come! new resolution for new year, i have mine and will keep it shhh! :) and for g.k.p, we will hit the beach this tuesday. hopes that everything went smoothly. f.y.i, finally my dad let me go! after all those pujuk and hoping thing-ing.. get ready and bring your camera! and please! i hate water!

there's so many thought in me right now, about my future, friends, family and money. and i will highlight friends for now, cause friends are the hardest of all. all those dengki-ing thing-ing.. haih, will it be end soon? i don't know.

and lastly, 2010, i hope this coming year was the best year ever! we hope so..


ps; the title, 'what can i say', was one of the title of carrie underwood's song in her new album 'play on'. keep on playing!

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