Saturday, December 26, 2009

i decided/s!

i decided to change the title of this blog, from "let's talk about" to "three tee's". just changing it to give it new vibe and let it be more 'question marks' hehe. i've also had opened new blog at after lots if thinking, i've decided to make it like an art-about-uploading-show blog. dunno whether it will turn out well or not.

about three tee's
1. new name for my blog.
2. coming from the T itself; think, thought, talk.
3. the title had nothing to do with yang hidup atau yang telah meninggal dunia.
4. just cheers~

just 'dada' not 'gaga'
1. will be signing off with 'dada' instead of 'xoxo' for now.
2. saje je nak make it nice and sweet, just like my kucing, dada.
3. it was introduce by my collegue, nasrul, which is a bit gila-gila.
4. we used it as 'good bye' in college.
5. think it was unique and extravagant.
6. that's about it.

the paparazzi is back! new semester, new people and basically, new picture! i will be the paparazzi again! why?
1. i love photography.
2. it's been two semester now. will make it three.
3. just for fun, not for humiliating.
4. i've taken a lot of people pictures. they really shock of when it was taken.
5. how mean of me! :p

1. will make-up a new persona.
2. be as sexy as ever!
3. thinking of being the best!
4. will never let anyone beat me down
5. akan menjadi pengedar mp3 yang hangat di pasaran gelap di hostel dan kolej.
6. will kill it soft, slowly, yet painful.
7. update our gossip group. kak alia, fizul, riezza.
8. plan of opening g.k.p official blog and ktmp's batch jan09-dis11 official blog, but dunno when to start it.

that's all about three tee's!


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