Tuesday, June 14, 2011

another canon, powershot sx30 is

this is the new canon. a new toy for me to play. so we (my family and i) had it before went back to malaysia, (bought it at new zealand, actually). fyi, the price we get are very cheap, as it is the last stock available at the store. a duty free to be exact. i am very familiar with canon cause i had the previous version of this camera which is the sx20 is. for those who didn't recognize this model, this is the canon sx30 is, the replacement of sx20 is. minor changes i spotted are the:
1. longer zoom, 840mm, (35x) the previous version of sx20 is is 540mm. (20x)
2. bigger screen display.
3. lithium ion battery, (sx20 is using AA battery)
4. f/2.7-8.0, telephoto f/5.7
5. various mode, such as fisheye, miniature effect.
6. hd movie (1280x720) with stereo sound, plus some effects with the videos such as colour pick and miniature.

for more info on this camera, click here.

this camera is very easy to use, not as complex as dslr. a good point and shoot camera. so if you are the type of person who dislike any complexes button and setting, you can try this unit.

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