Sunday, June 26, 2011

recovering christchurch

recently, my family and i went on a vacation to christchurch, new zealand. we're going there to visit a family friend which we knew such a long time (rasanya time umur 5 tahun if i'm not mistaken) as we all know, the world witnesses the earthquake somewhere in february, happened here in christchurch. it was very sad. knowing that a beautiful city turn dead. the city centre was closed due to heavy damage by the 6.3 magnitude. fyi, i also feel the earthquake when i was there. (early june) it was 5.5 magnitude. (it was not an after shock. local news confirm it) although it was like just a few second, i was shock and speechless for quite a while. i felt unsafe, insecure, not knowing anywhere to go or run. all i can do is pray. so here, let me share my experience with you.

a shop somewhere in addington

the cracks on the wall tells everything

road closed

buildings collapse

most places are fenced

hotels are closed

bersyukurlah kita yang hidup aman di malaysia. terlindung dari bencana alam yang boleh membinasakan. segala nikmat yang ada boleh ditarik dengan sekelip mata.

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