Thursday, June 16, 2011

day out

after the makan-makan in hospital (our last treat for the staff and friends) yesterday, my friends and i went out to watch movie, here in tgv, kinta city. it's another malay movie, which i always ter-watch a malay movie when i go out! dunno why.. but i really don't mind at all. the movie kl gangster was ok. but for me is like banyak giler fighting scene (macam street fighter je) and agak ganas. not for budak-budak ok! some part was funny and some was a bit touching. so who ever out there yang belum tengok lagi movie ni, go for it. it is not rugi to support our film industry.

antara picture in crime scene. mcd, kc, ipoh.

fyi, i did have great time with my friends in hrpb. hope to see you guys next time. keep in touch! here are the official trailer of the movie..

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