Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thought #4 | What is Your Biggest Mistake in Life?

A friend of mine ask me about question that being asked during my job interview few years back. But back then, I was not prepared at all and all I do is sit down and answered all the question confidently! (buat-buat tahu je sebenarnya tapi still maintain the confidence..) but still, it bugs me! So I youtube to see how interview is done; that ended up, err.. not in a good way..

Then I saw this video, one interesting question during interview (katanya)..

What is one big mistake that you made in your life? Oh this is a killer question! I myself do not know how to response to this kind of question. So, let me think..

*do share your thought here or make a post on "What is Your Biggest Mistake in Life?" and share the link here. I would be very interested to read your thought!


  1. The best mistake in my life turned out to be the best outcome I'd ever had.
    *nak jawab post ni bleh buat one blogpost itself... =)

    1. well said! *nak juga tengok your point of view jawab this question :)

  2. this is nice. i've shared in twitter and facebook :)

  3. oh mai ...
    is was me ask u that question ?

  4. Shared on Twitter.

    This so myself will face hard problem if this question is being asked. Oh my..

    Miss Philippines killed her chance to win the competition and i love Paris. It ended with a hug awww hehe

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