Thursday, June 10, 2010


i've been thinkin' a lot lately. it's a long list to be noted, but since i wrote this post, i will give it a shot. it's about how am i thinking rite now. been talking to adzam just now let me think about me..

1. be positive. it's all about positive thinking. no matter what will happened, positive will be sweet. not making any other conclusion cause it will harm you. disturb your life.
2. be nice to others. they will treat you well.
3. give support. i always said everything will be alright to my friends.. (i think they know..) give them support although i know sometimes it is wrong. (i mean a really dosa-like supportive.. u'll should understand..) but when i need support.. i dunno where should i get one.. it's like i be like one of my friend.. he is full of motivation, but i can't help him when he's down.. guess it's like karma.
4. hatred. when i hate something or someone, i just hate it. no need to say more.
5. and lastly, be thankful!

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