Saturday, June 26, 2010

we met again

princess camie 'camielia' of chepor

suman with anak ikan! hehe

friday 25 june; was the bbq day at chepor, with gkp, for sure! we have loads of fun and sharing things we that we've experience after all this times. it is like a small reunion. we all just eat and talk.. with all those jokes and laughter. enjoying the day with tya, camie, aie, im, suman, adzam, azim, bead and not forgetting iqbal and fahmi. i can't write it in words to describe the day itself, cause a lot had happened and it is hard to translate it in the blog. but overall, i had fun chit chatting with suman and azim (with all those glee and lady gaga! haha) kacau-kacau bead and others, seeing aie and camie gila-gila in the water, fahmi, iqbal and tya with the food plus suman do the ikan thing-ing.. imtiaaz with the ayam tergolek-golek when masak with bead.. azim surpass adzam mulut bising for the day. and adzam pon a bit unstable when buat air with aie! (the senduk! ops!) and the best part is.. camie with the chun lee's style!! memang buat grand entrance pagi tu!! but one thing i'm not satisfy is.. my camera battery.. aw.. wanna get new one!

i do not know when will be our next meeting, but for sure, it will be full of surprises and emotional one as one of us may leaving malaysia.. (owh, it's like the next season of desperate housewives pulak! haha)

side of gkp:
1. from the outside and pemikiran orang lain; gila, divas, tak betul, a lot bising and over react. hated by teachers at school (except ms norhayati and some of the english teachers..)
2. for me; gkp are like the bbf, fills the emptiness, supportive, and what i like most? the each person attitude towards others. some maybe secretive, some are just sharing to get opinion and support.. but everyone have their own dilemma in life.. we are not moving in one group right now unlike three years back, but our hearts are just as one! u just can't imagine what will happen to us in the next 5 years.. but i am looking forward!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

finding my inspiration

finally i found such a lovely song. inspirational! that's my thought. it is matt zarley's, here i am. (first time heard about the singer) try and search in on youtube. you'll love it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

glee = drama

the tv show, glee, are just like.. aw should i say it's just like drama! miss those days. with all the up and down, felt like just wanna be back on stage with the same cast and run our drama again! we've through zone and district level and made it to state! owh! full of memories..

i need inspiration

need my time,
need my song,
need my inspiration.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

make a change, please..

this post is referring to the one and only _____! hehe kept it secret. only the one who 'in contact' with him knows this. such an evil monster i am! to tell the truth, i just post this so that he know what 'is' he right now. let's start with the long list of knockin' his ass-off! i bet this gonna be a long one.

1. u're a bad f-shit, rara! dah la livin' in one roof and you're just keep silent in your room?! ops, beg your pardon, it's not your room! is my bro's ok! get it!? get it clean and keep it organize. and please do not use someone stuff and make it yours, ok! if someone use your stuff, how do you feel? tak kan itu pon tak faham. this include kain tuala, handphone and some other stuff/s. get one for yourself. benda mahal boleh beli, benda perlu tak kan itu pon tak ada, hampeh!

2. when you are giving permission to take something or anything from the kitchen, think about it. you used it, u take it, but did you give back? you livin' here not just for a day or two, it's like nearly a year, and you should think how do the owner of the house think about you. try to fit like you in their shoes. (kau tak faham kot.. ops!) and please, buanglah sampah tu, tak kan dah gunting paket nescafe tu buang je kat situ, ingat aku tak tahu ke? and the maggi thing-ing, aku nak makan pon dah habis. tak kan tu semua makanan ruji kau ke? tak makan nasi? bagus betul!

3. when you are about to goin' out or to work, bagitahu la orang rumah. hello! benda ni tak payah nak cakap la. even orang pon tak payah nak ajar. ini adab orang melayu. kau tu tak beradab ke? or should i make it biadab?

4. macam katak bawah tempurung. get a life, talk to others. ni tak, duduk dalam bilik macam dracula takut nak keluar. come on la, dalam satu rumah even not talking to others? puhlease la, ko tu bukan anak dara. i heard dengan orang lain bukan main baiknya kau tu.. asal tak duduk je dengan diorang? kan best.

5. do not brag like you are the mr-know-it-all and the most kaya person, ok! cause we are not, and so are you. ingatlah asal usul, dari mana, siapa kita.. and please, remember who the one that raised you dari kecil dulu.

6. jaga tingkah laku dan percakapan. people judge you from inside, not your outside.

7. jangan jadi penipu! orang dah mula menyampah dengan kau!

8. fikirlah, dah malas aku nak tulis dah. cari kesilapan dan baiki diri. if you 're not related, jangan harap la kau..


i've been thinkin' a lot lately. it's a long list to be noted, but since i wrote this post, i will give it a shot. it's about how am i thinking rite now. been talking to adzam just now let me think about me..

1. be positive. it's all about positive thinking. no matter what will happened, positive will be sweet. not making any other conclusion cause it will harm you. disturb your life.
2. be nice to others. they will treat you well.
3. give support. i always said everything will be alright to my friends.. (i think they know..) give them support although i know sometimes it is wrong. (i mean a really dosa-like supportive.. u'll should understand..) but when i need support.. i dunno where should i get one.. it's like i be like one of my friend.. he is full of motivation, but i can't help him when he's down.. guess it's like karma.
4. hatred. when i hate something or someone, i just hate it. no need to say more.
5. and lastly, be thankful!