Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Carrie Underwood Good Girl?

Good Girl video by Carrie Underwood is finally online! Surprisingly, there's a lot of dresses she wore in this video. I took time to spot most of them! (since I have the time to do so today) Anyway, this is what I think..

This is so Whitney Houston inspired

This goes to Gaga

This is more to her herself

This one looks more like Taylor Swift's

Jennifer Lopez!


Nicki Minaj!

Without the veil

With the veil

She wore neutral colour. From beige, to silver and black. And those heels! They were all gorgeous! Anyway, enjoy the video!

*Rasanya aku patut post entry ni kat tumblr aku.. but since aku dah tertulis kat sini..


  1. no 2 tu mcam Britney la umar - n no 3 tu cam beyonce

  2. banyak dress dlm video dah macam filem hindustan lah pulak kan hehe