Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Pick For American Idol 2012

Assalamualaikum and hey readers! It's season 11 for American Idol (AI)! I'm excited and hope that the girls win this season. Why? If you follow AI every year, you notice that Jordin Sparks is the last female that won AI. It was season 6.

Top 13 Idol 2012 [source]

Anyway, the reason I wrote this post  is to tell you guys about my favourite contestant (so far). So, let's get started!

#1 Jessica Sanchez

She have a great vocal! Like wow-uh! At first she is not my favourite cause she's so "trying hard" and "over the top", screaming all over for nothing, but after the "I Will Always Love You" performance. She's on the list!

Sebenarnya, J. Sanchez ni dah lama nyanyi. Yesterday when I'm browsing for Beyonce "Love On Top" cover on youtube (again), suddenly I remember that not so long ago I came across this one girl. She did a great job covering that song. Surprisingly it WAS her!

She should sing it on Idol!

#2 Skylar Laine

Owh I just love country music! Skylar Laine got the voice! Looking forward for her performance each week!

#3 Joshua Ledet

And last but not least, it's Joshua Ledet. Watch his video below and you'll know why..

That's all for today! Cheers!

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  1. good luck kepada peserta..(walaupon xtgok..huhu)

  2. The problem with jessica is she tends to oversing. Sesetengah lagu tak payah trying so hard. Just sing it nice ikut the melody like what she did on top 42 when she sang The Prayer. That was her best yet! Her rendition on I Will Always Love You was ok but it did not made me jump on my seat. Tu diah bunyi macam bagus je kan LOL. Oh by the way, my fav is Philip Philips. Hehehe.

    1. Yes! Sokong about oversing tu.. Sometime less is more than enough. JS is a good singer, tapi kalau she mess up (wlpn sikit), sure kene tendang keluar. Btw, Philip Philips macam ada chance nak menang. :D

  3. I'm in love with Jessica Sanchez too! She's amazing!