Saturday, July 9, 2011

first week of schooling ~ again

this is my first week back in kl. back to college to be exact. time flies by and first week in college was very hard to explain. meet with new lecturer, new juniors, and new administrator, it was like a new college for me. everything went smooth in this first week of college, except for the bersih rally today. it very sad, memalukan negara. and the worst part, nak cari makan pun susah. i really had no idea what happened in the outside as we (in hostel) are very isolated (sebab tak ada tv and all) but from the siren i heard and the helicopter patrolling the sky, i think it is bad! anyway, more to come. i'm looking forward for movie with zati, syiqin, lee, kiem and mcd with zati, jenol, syiqin and everyone!

this is my first mcd with pak jenol since a year passes by.. gcb, memang terbaik from mcd sungei wang

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