Saturday, July 2, 2011

my lame story-telling

today's story, another movie day out. this time with suman, azfar and aie! only the four of us manage to come. the story starts like this.. once upon a time, which is on friday, we met at jusco, kinta city..

we saw suman's rare picture in his blackberry..

posing with cornetto mcflurry..

pray before starts our journey to pickup aie. *aie is the diva of the day! yay! finally you won the title yang i tak pernah menang-menang lagi till now..

eating when hungry..

and taking pictures with our food..

the end, thank you

fyi, we watched transformers! tada~


  1. haha!!
    memang lame.. sengaja je kan..?
    x kesah la, picture worth a thousand word kan.. heh.
    ok jgn jeles i dpt diva.. yesh!

  2. hehe! memang gamba tu tells everything. :) and yes, you got the diva kali ni! i try still tak dapat2 lagi! huwaa