Sunday, July 17, 2011

pavilion saturday

saturday day out with college mate! kiem, lee, zati and syiqin! we went to watch harry potter @ pavilion, kl. we manage to get the ticket before the show, special thanks to kiem who bought it days before. (cause memang dah jangka yang tiket akan sold out on the day itself..) this is a stress release outing, as our first week of college was very tense. we start our journey @ 11.00am and back to hostel @ nearly 10.00pm! nasib sempat before pagar dikunci (walaupun tak dikunci tapi masih kene denda and all..) harry potter was one of the best movie! you should watch the ending fast! tak tahu lagi nak merepek apa, so, happy watch those pictures!

brunch @ berjaya times square mcdonald's. commander makan banyak!

sempat posing before the movie, although we are late, and running from times
square to pavilion..

after the two hour show, muka lapar

kat surau pun sempat posing maut! theme: angel and devil

for sale! ini adalah cover album kumpulan kugiran jalanan diketuai komander syiqin serta prebet-prebetnya..

fountain depan pavilion, before diserang oleh van pertahanan awam

pavilion kl, tak sah kalau tak sesak. one of the crowded place ever in kl

in front of lot 10, bukit bintang. really want to shop there but better save it later
atas sebab-sebab tertentu!
*picture courtesy of kiem d5000. taken by kiem and lee. my photography skills kene asah balik. lately back from nz, my angle have been changed to very the "landscape oriented portrait like yang sangat skema". oh, it is so not appropriate right now. need time to practice and recover.


  1. tiring day ever..its HAIRY POTTER..hahhaha

  2. err.. awal nyer hostel tutup. kul 10 jer?? hmmm

  3. Kaki Kepoh: yes memang tired!
    SyahmmiFikri: tu la.. ape nak buat.. huhu
    AYIE: thanks ;)