Friday, July 22, 2011

sushi evening

it's sushi time! it's been a week for me and ky to plan on having our sushi together. but we find it would be dull if only the two of us. so we decide to culik along some of our friend. it turn out that fairuz, rahimi, ayiep and pali were joining us! venue: sushi king, plaza low yat, kuala lumpur.


awek tudung merah kat belakang aku tu yang pali panggil "awek" instead of waiter..

ayiep with his set/s!

ayiep and ky!

green peas?

the other side of the table

one of picture of pali with minor silau!

ky with his plate collection..

the sushi there was quite nice. for some of us, it is their first time. so, agak kaku dan sangat malu-malu dengan chopstick. will ajak the others some time! 

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