Sunday, July 31, 2011

around jalan masjid india & jalan tuanku abdul rahman

another outing this week! oh it's been very busy with shopping, eating and cuci mata this week. this time, i just teman and (dalam masa yang sama) surveying items around kl. nothing much to write in this post, just some pictures to share with you guys!

everyone bersemangat bila mula-mula sampai

i just adore kl's pavement



walk to bought

di sisi lorong-lorong

camera phone, camerawoman

status update everywhere, anywhere, anytime..

18sx. for sale

cuba untuk menjadi peminta sedekah yang kaya. noted, blackberry in kiem's palm

tepi longkang pun jadi lah..

cam-whoring while waiting for commander 

commander in action

tired faces
they (the girls) did bought something. a lot! and the guys bought nothing! conclusion; jalan masjid india and jalan tuanku abdul rahman are not for guys like us! thank you~

not to forget, selamat berpuasa to all muslim around the world! (especially to my readers) greeting from, kuala lumpur, malaysia.

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