Wednesday, November 30, 2011

another coffee trial

assalamualaikum and hye readers! today i wanna share about my try an error coffee mixing. this is how i start..

i put one sachet of coffee mix, then put a tea spoon of grounded coffee. mix it with hot water. then add some milk (fresh milk, not powder). mix mix mix. (*this is my favourite part) put scoops of vanilla ice cream! (you decide how many scoop/s you want) and finish it with grounded coffee topping! and walla, you got your own i-have-no-idea-of-naming-it coffee!

try yourself and let me know.

good luck *ala-ala michelle phan!


  1. Ni pun dah nampak sedap dah.
    Aku tau apa nama coffee ni.
    'Coffee ala Umar'.


  2. Sedap....Nak sikit...Umar...Nak tanye, Lagu melayu yg selalu Umar dgr ape ek? Lagu Org Putih jek post..RQ.

  3. @Judiene: ok, i kiv dulu yg tu.. XD

  4. @Xan Adam: best! ok.. nntkan post akan datang. insyaAllah~