Saturday, October 22, 2011

steak streak

this is just a short entry for today. yesterday (friday) was the day (my colleague and i) we're having dinner at a steak house in kampung baru. it was like a tradition for our batch to eat there every month after allowance.

although saturday was a schooling day, we manage to get up and go to school! (kolej dah macam sekolah da~) this is our last year together, so i try to live to the fullest!

*such a skema-tic entry. guess exam skema-tise my words


  1. I never ate steak with my own money.
    Usually if I go out with my parent then I can ask for something as expensive as that.
    The steak looks delicious.
    How's the price there?
    Affordable or not?

  2. Judiene, the price was very affordable! seriously! and sini mmg selalu full, especially during weekend. you have to try it one day!