Monday, October 17, 2011

real steel, real show

come readers! watch real steel! memang gempak habis. rugi siapa tak tengok lagi! i don't want to talk much, but here's the reasons why you should watch it!
1. some of you might love hugh jackman!
2. the robots are just marvellous!
3. fighting bots are unique and very well created bots. (the design are quite impressing!)
4. storyline quite interesting although first hour plot are slow..
5. atom can dance! lol
6. zeus was huge

there's no reason why you not watch it! enjoy the show! ;)
i give 4.5/5 remarks!


  1. Definitely I'll go and watch this movie, as soon as I'm done with all tests and assignments.
    To be honest, any movie that has Hugh Jackman in it is potential to be a huge hit.
    I love seeing him with Nicole Kidman in Australia.


  2. Yea Judiene! You should watch it! ;)

    Anyway, my friend pun cakap Australia was a great movie. I shall watch it too