Friday, November 18, 2011

a search for "something something"

ini adalah kerja semalam..

a treat to myself. it is 17 of november and year end sale suppose start from 15 november 2011 to 1 january 2012. (according to tourism malaysia calender) so, i've kidnapped tya to join me search for "something something". i was looking for something, and she as well had to buy something. so we headed to pavilion to begin our search for that "something something"

the messy us before goin' down to business, kita minum dulu!

it's been nearly more than 3 hours we spend there to look for that "something something". mine was like 10 minutes, hers was like nearly 2 hours! haha.

we ended up at pizza hut. if aie was with us, sure she will not have pizza sebab she memang kerja at pizza!

"ultimate cheesy bites 7 ni dilengkapi dengan 7 jenis cheese di dunia. sangat sedap tapi memang memuakkan. cubalah sendiri. as for me, a must try ok! tak rugi! fyi, gambar di atas ini adalah ultimate 7 cheesy hawaiian chicken!"

surprisingly, there was no sale here at pavilion kl yet. maybe dekat-dekat nak christmas kot.. but still, our search for that "something something" still on!

*i will be going for teater badai semalam tomorrow!

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