Saturday, November 26, 2011

a search for "something something" #2

assalamualaikum and hye readers! this is my story for today, the sequel of

so, the search continued, but this time, it was shiva and i, heading to the same place; the pavilion kuala lumpur. so in order to get what we've been searching for, we go round and round the pavilion like many times. one to another, then back again to the shop before us, went again to another shop. but before that, thanks to shiva for belanja me t.g.i friday's! sangat sedap ok! lain kali nak lagi boleh?

so then, we manage to get that "something something". jangan meleleh air luir tengok what this guy bought! ok, tak meleleh pun takpe. but this is what he bought! maybe if fathiah (the lady in a search for "something something") was here, sure this guy will be dead!

muka kepenatan setelah shop nearly 5 jam..

nak tengok apa yang aku beli pulak? ni je..

a coffee cup for my extra time and multivitamins for health. juga, i bought a cardigan!

ok that's all! and to all muslim;

"salam maal hijrah"

*banyak sale sedang berlangsung malaysian wide! so, ambilah kad, cucuklah duit dan mulalah berbelanja. rolling our money!

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