Sunday, July 31, 2011

around jalan masjid india & jalan tuanku abdul rahman

another outing this week! oh it's been very busy with shopping, eating and cuci mata this week. this time, i just teman and (dalam masa yang sama) surveying items around kl. nothing much to write in this post, just some pictures to share with you guys!

everyone bersemangat bila mula-mula sampai

i just adore kl's pavement



walk to bought

di sisi lorong-lorong

camera phone, camerawoman

status update everywhere, anywhere, anytime..

18sx. for sale

cuba untuk menjadi peminta sedekah yang kaya. noted, blackberry in kiem's palm

tepi longkang pun jadi lah..

cam-whoring while waiting for commander 

commander in action

tired faces
they (the girls) did bought something. a lot! and the guys bought nothing! conclusion; jalan masjid india and jalan tuanku abdul rahman are not for guys like us! thank you~

not to forget, selamat berpuasa to all muslim around the world! (especially to my readers) greeting from, kuala lumpur, malaysia.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

teater gelanggang tok wali

setelah lama tidak ke istana budaya, akhirnya dapat juga melepaskan rindu kepada seni teater dengan menonton teater gelanggang tok wali di lambang sari, istana budaya. walaupun nampak seperti produksi kecil, tapi persembahan teater agak gempak dan not bad! although agak tidak mengenali pelakon-pelakon yang ditampilkan, (kecuali syafie naswip @ muhksin) tapi lakonan memang mantap. the character i love most is mak umi! sangat kelakar dan teruja dengan latahannya. and for sure scene terbaik ialah dikala jamil ("kakak" wartawan, lakonan azam) membuat grand entrance. memang vogue habis! and the tok wali death scene. agak touching la jugak..

dah habis baru boleh tangkap gambar..

cast of gelanggang tok wali

antara crowd yang hadir, mostly student dari 'i have no idea', dengan junior-junior kolej

pose kat banner pintu masuk walaupun ni time dah nak balik

sempat jugak bergambar dengan aeril zafrel syazwan hashim (ripin) di luar lambang sari
kritik sikit! costume memang lawa and cun, lakonan not bad. penggunaan props agak kurang. banyak sangat dialog masa opening, nasib ada adegan lucu yang dapat cover dialog yang panjang tu. perubahan dari satu scene ke satu scene agak lambat. (maybe actors tukar baju kot). overall, teater ni not bad lah. so, nak bagi 3.5/5 bintang untuk teater ni! kepada siapa yang belum menonton lagi, esok (30 july 2011) ada lagi satu show, last show, i think.. tengok lah!

*gambar-gambar adalah ehsan daripada fujifilm ky.

last week of july

july will come to an end! soon ramadhan will come and greet us again! a lot had happened and i found that i am enjoying my time out, rather than sit on my chair with my books and notes. everyday is outing day. kl sure make someone to enjoy their day. this is the proof:

monday: out to mcd and tasik titiwangsa

tuesday: sangat tak ingat what i did

wednesday: sungei wang again

thursday: out to uo to buy something

friday: sungei wang and istana budaya, watching teater gelanggang tok wali

saturday: no plan yet

sunday: plan to go out with the usual gang

i do need to slow down in the next coming month. now, it's like final semester with final enjoyment! (oh, i really need to concentrate on my modules!)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

just call me beautiful, b-e-a-utiful

now i'm stuck with this song. an original song from megan nicole, a youtuber. just a simple song with obsessive lyric! try listen to it! track are available in itune

love the music video! congrats to kurt hugo schneider! fyi, this is my new phone tone! cheers~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

green river ordinance's out of my hands

green river ordinance, one of my favourite band! i first heard their song from drop dead diva, the song entitled on your own. then i searched for all the track on their album out of my hands. from the first track, it suits me. i just love the pop/rock tune and the vocal!

some of my favourite track from out of my hands: outside, come on, out of my hands, on your own, learning, last october.

to anyone who like david cook's, boyce avenue, secondhand serenade or the script; you should listen to green river ordinance.

Friday, July 22, 2011

sushi evening

it's sushi time! it's been a week for me and ky to plan on having our sushi together. but we find it would be dull if only the two of us. so we decide to culik along some of our friend. it turn out that fairuz, rahimi, ayiep and pali were joining us! venue: sushi king, plaza low yat, kuala lumpur.


awek tudung merah kat belakang aku tu yang pali panggil "awek" instead of waiter..

ayiep with his set/s!

ayiep and ky!

green peas?

the other side of the table

one of picture of pali with minor silau!

ky with his plate collection..

the sushi there was quite nice. for some of us, it is their first time. so, agak kaku dan sangat malu-malu dengan chopstick. will ajak the others some time! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

pavilion saturday

saturday day out with college mate! kiem, lee, zati and syiqin! we went to watch harry potter @ pavilion, kl. we manage to get the ticket before the show, special thanks to kiem who bought it days before. (cause memang dah jangka yang tiket akan sold out on the day itself..) this is a stress release outing, as our first week of college was very tense. we start our journey @ 11.00am and back to hostel @ nearly 10.00pm! nasib sempat before pagar dikunci (walaupun tak dikunci tapi masih kene denda and all..) harry potter was one of the best movie! you should watch the ending fast! tak tahu lagi nak merepek apa, so, happy watch those pictures!

brunch @ berjaya times square mcdonald's. commander makan banyak!

sempat posing before the movie, although we are late, and running from times
square to pavilion..

after the two hour show, muka lapar

kat surau pun sempat posing maut! theme: angel and devil

for sale! ini adalah cover album kumpulan kugiran jalanan diketuai komander syiqin serta prebet-prebetnya..

fountain depan pavilion, before diserang oleh van pertahanan awam

pavilion kl, tak sah kalau tak sesak. one of the crowded place ever in kl

in front of lot 10, bukit bintang. really want to shop there but better save it later
atas sebab-sebab tertentu!
*picture courtesy of kiem d5000. taken by kiem and lee. my photography skills kene asah balik. lately back from nz, my angle have been changed to very the "landscape oriented portrait like yang sangat skema". oh, it is so not appropriate right now. need time to practice and recover.

Friday, July 15, 2011

another mcd round

it's friday and we had another mcd round. this time we (zai and i) manage to drag ky and zul together! macam biasa, we ate like ***!

zai's big mac

mamat ni memang makan banyak sampai tak ingat dunia..

z & z (zul & zai)

i manage to get self portrait.. very the susah
plan for tomorrow, movie at pavilion! * memang superb!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

can't wait

this is the ticket for harry potter this saturday! can't wait to watch it with kiem, zati, syiqin and lee. so, anyone nearby (bukit bintang) kalau terserempak do say hi! will post the review after the movie..

Saturday, July 9, 2011

first week of schooling ~ again

this is my first week back in kl. back to college to be exact. time flies by and first week in college was very hard to explain. meet with new lecturer, new juniors, and new administrator, it was like a new college for me. everything went smooth in this first week of college, except for the bersih rally today. it very sad, memalukan negara. and the worst part, nak cari makan pun susah. i really had no idea what happened in the outside as we (in hostel) are very isolated (sebab tak ada tv and all) but from the siren i heard and the helicopter patrolling the sky, i think it is bad! anyway, more to come. i'm looking forward for movie with zati, syiqin, lee, kiem and mcd with zati, jenol, syiqin and everyone!

this is my first mcd with pak jenol since a year passes by.. gcb, memang terbaik from mcd sungei wang

Sunday, July 3, 2011

time to get ready

it is the time to get ready. set my mind. no turning back. i know this final part will be very challenging, with more drama, tears and happy moment to live with. maybe my last time with my college friends.

i found this song from drop dead diva! omg, just love it! that drama introduces me to amazing songs.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

my lame story-telling

today's story, another movie day out. this time with suman, azfar and aie! only the four of us manage to come. the story starts like this.. once upon a time, which is on friday, we met at jusco, kinta city..

we saw suman's rare picture in his blackberry..

posing with cornetto mcflurry..

pray before starts our journey to pickup aie. *aie is the diva of the day! yay! finally you won the title yang i tak pernah menang-menang lagi till now..

eating when hungry..

and taking pictures with our food..

the end, thank you

fyi, we watched transformers! tada~